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What Tools Do I Need For Beading?

Beading is a fun hobby and an even more interesting professional craft. Of course, when you start with beading, you will need to obtain some tools that enable you to make your projects. But which tools do you need for your beading projects? Read on to find out.

What Is The First Tool I Need For Beading?

One of the first tools you will have to acquire for beading is a pair of chain-nose pliers. Chain-nose pliers can be used for many different things, this goes from bending your jewellery wire to removing a needle that got stuck between beads.

Since chain-nose pliers will be used quite regularly, this is the tool you must invest in. Not all chain-nose pliers have comfortable grips, so be sure to check the grip and its material to ensure maximum comfort while beading.

What Is The Second Tool I Need For Beading?

When you start with beading, you will notice you will require a variety of pliers. The second you will need to add to your arsenal is a pair of round-nose pliers, these are commonly used to create loops in your design. While they are less suitable to bend a wire as a pair of chain-nose pliers, it is still a tool you will use quite regularly.

What Is The Third Tool I Need For Beading?

A pair of crimping pliers is another essential, this is used for the crimping and shaping of tube. Therefore, a good pair of crimping pliers must be able to perform both tasks with efficiency. Much like the previously mentioned pliers, make sure you obtain one with a comfortable grip.

What Is The Fourth Tool I Need For Beading?

Once you become more proficient at beading, you will need a pair of cutters that can give you the professional finish you are looking for. One fine example of such a cutter is the flush cutter, characterised by a flat side and a V-shaped side. Because of these two sides, two different looks can be achieved for your cut wire, this includes flat and angled.

In addition to a flush cutter, we also recommend getting a regular wire cutter for all your frequent wire cutting jobs. When you use your flush cutter too much, it is not uncommon for the blades to become duller. To prevent this from happening, only use a flush cutter for the finishing touches.

What Is The Fifth Tool I Need For Beading?

One tool you would not associate with beading is a pair of embroidery scissors. That being said, they are incredibly useful for beading projects, as you regularly have to cut or trim thread. Therefore, a decent pair of embroidery scissors should be on your shortlist.

In addition to a pair of embroidery scissors, you also want to obtain a good pair of general-purpose scissors. While you may not use them on thread all the time, you could use them to cut other materials that are used in your design.

What Is The Sixth Tool I Need For Beading?

Crafters cannot try their hand at beading without a decent amount of sharp beading needles. There are a variety of beading needles you can obtain, this ranges from English beading needles, bigeye needles, Japanese beading needles, twisted beading needles and more.

One of the most used types of beading needles is the English beading needle. It is characterised by a long, thin appearance and is available in a variety of sizes. So, no matter the size of beads you are working with, you will always find an English beading needle to match.

Why Should I Get My Supplies From Spotlight?

Spotlight offers some tools, beads, accessories, and anything else you need for beading or jewellery making. To ensure all customers can benefit from our amazing range, we provide these supplies at the sharpest prices in New Zealand!

For more information about our range of beading supplies, simply head over to the catalogue on this page. From basic tools to more advanced accessories, everyone who is interested in beading can find what they are looking for there. Do you have any additional questions while browsing our catalogue? Do not hesitate to contact our team for more info.



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