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Various Mixing Bowl Materials And Their Benefits

When you take a quick look at our range of mixing bowls, you will quickly notice that they can be made from various materials. Even though it may not seem like anything significant, the material used for mixing bowls can actually have advantages and disadvantages in your kitchen. If you are curious what these are, be sure to read on before your purchase your preferred mixing bowl from our range.

What Are The Advantages Of Glass Mixing Bowls?

Glass is a material that is non-reactive when it is subjected to various compounds. In other words, the bowl will not have a negative influence on the taste or the overall texture of the ingredients you are mixing.

You will also find that glass mixing bowls are quite durable. There are also mixing bowls that are made from so-called tempered glass, which are suitable for your oven and even your freezer. However, most basic glass mixing bowls can be placed in the microwave.

Most people will have a glass mixing bowl in their home for a variety of mixtures. However, inexperienced cooks can find it a little more difficult to beat eggs inside this kind of bowl. Also, there is a small chance that your glass bowl will break if it is dropped on the floor. Even though these bowls are made in a solid manner, it does not mean they are completely unbreakable.

What Are The Advantages Of Metal Mixing Bowls?

If you have spent some time in a professional kitchen, you have probably noticed that they are filled with metal mixing bowls. There are many reasons why professional chefs use metal mixing bowls. However, the most common reasons are their affordability and versatility.

One of the additional advantages of the metal mixing bowl is that the bowl does not weigh a lot. For someone with mobility problems or chronic pain, it could mean that they can cook their favourite dishes without putting strain on their body.

There are not many downsides to the metal mixing bowl, although the outside of the bowl can get really hot when mixing warm ingredients. There is also a small chance that a metallic taste is released with some of the lower quality metal mixing bowls. Therefore, quality is quite important when you select metal mixing bowls for your kitchen.

What Are The Advantages Of Ceramic Mixing Bowls?

The average ceramic mixing bowl looks quite different from the other mixing bowls mentioned in this overview. As they are quite decorative, you will find that many people have these bowls in their kitchen for more than just mixing. In fact, they are even used as a serving dish.

One of the benefits of the ceramic mixing bowl is its weight. As it is heavier, you will find that the bowl does not move as much on your kitchen counter compared to the metal mixing bowl. On the flipside, it does mean that the mixing bowl is less suitable for people with mobility problems.

While most ceramic mixing bowls are prone to chipping, some ceramic variants are extremely durable. If you are worried about damaging your ceramic mixing bowl, then we recommend high-fired ceramic. This type of ceramic tends to be more durable and still provides the same benefits as basic ceramic.

What Are The Advantages Of Plastic Mixing Bowls?

Much like metal mixing bowls, plastic mixing bowls are counted among the most affordable options. They are also less likely to break, which makes them durable to boot. Therefore, it is no surprise that most people have a couple of plastic mixing bowls in their kitchen.

On the flipside, plastic can have some problems with high temperatures. While this is not the case for all plastics, always check the properties of your mixing bowl before you add hot food to it.

In addition to its sensitivity to hot temperatures, plastic mixing bowls can be susceptible to odours and may get discoloured from food over time. However, they are easy to replace because of their lower price. You can even find options that come with their own lid, this can prove useful when you have to place some dough or batter in the fridge.



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