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How To Get The Right Cushion Or Pillow For A Toddler?

Older children can easily have pillows in all shapes and sizes, but the cushions and pillows for toddlers are slightly different. So, how do you select cushions and pillows that are safe and comfortable for a little one? Let's find out!

What Is The Correct Size Pillow For A Toddler?

It is vital to find a pillow that is not too small or too big for your toddler. A pillow must support your child's small head and neck. If a pillow is too thick or too big, it could pose a danger to your little one.

In most cases, it takes a little time to determine which pillow will be the most comfortable for your little one. It could be a good idea to try some out at Spotlight, or simply purchase a couple your child can grow with.

What Should I Know About Pillows And Cushions In Regard To Allergies?

As a parent, it is important to get familiar with the various materials that can contain allergens. For example, some children are allergic to feathers, so you must avoid anything that contains duck down or feathers. Fortunately, there are many cushion filling materials that are hypoallergenic.

Some allergies in childhood can disappear as your child gets older, but it does mean that the chance of an allergic reaction to filling materials is always present in young children. So, even if you are unaware of a potential allergy your child has, it is always best to choose hypoallergenic materials.

How Hard Or Soft Should A Toddler Pillow Be?

The hardness or softness of a starter pillow is also something you need to consider carefully. Once you get a little older, you start to get your own preferences. That being said, toddlers need a good amount of support for their small head and neck.

Ideally, you want to find a good combination of softness and firmness. If you place your hand on the pillow and it leaves a hand print, the pillow is not firm enough for your little one. Therefore, look for toddler pillows that snap back to their original size instantly for the best possible support.

Can I Add A Toddler Pillow To The Crib?

Many children sleep in a crib until they are two or three years old. Once your child has the ability to lift their own head, a pillow in the crib becomes less dangerous, as they is no real suffocation danger. That being said, adding a pillow to the crib could still be problematic for toddlers, as they could disturb sleep.

Most children tend to throw pillows out of the crib shortly after you put them in there. So, the problem lies with the early behaviour of children, not as much the suitability of the pillow. It can also become a tool to get attention from parents, as throwing a pillow out the crib will often cause the parents to return to the room and place the pillow back in. So, most parents can leave a pillow out of the crib until they move onto a toddler bed.

Of course, there can be some exceptions. Some toddlers may ask for a pillow in their crib and will not throw the pillow out. If this is the case, you can use a suitable toddler pillow.

When Do I Best Introduce My Toddler To A Pillow?

It is important not to introduce your toddler to a pillow to soon. When they move to a toddler bed, you should give them some time before you introduce the pillow. After all, they are used to flat surfaces from sleeping in the crib. In fact, a pillow could make them feel uncomfortable and cause them not to like the toddler bed. Therefore, it is advised to introduce the pillow a little after your child has been introduced to the toddler bed.

Kids Cushions And Pillows At Spotlight

Parents can find a range of cushions and pillows on Spotlight. While you will have to visit another category for suitable toddler pillows, this range contains some decorative cushions you can use for a child's bedroom. Benefit from our affordable prices on cushions and transform your toddler's bedroom today!



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