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Dine In Style With Our Stunning Table Linen Range Including Tablecloths And Table Accessories

Create effortlessly elegant place settings for dinner parties or simply bring your everyday dining table to life with table linen, table runners and accessories. Spotlight's range of table linen and accessories ensures that no matter your home decor you can style your dining table to match! Find table linen you'll love from leading brands such as Ladelle, KOO, Paper Design and more great brands.

How do I style my dining table?

There's so much you can do when styling a dining table and, most of the time, it comes down to the occasion and the kind of mood you wish to create.

  • Tablecloths are the foundation of your dining table setting, so make sure you choose linens in neutral colours - think whites, off-whites and greys - to increase the opportunities to use your tablecloths and, therefore, maximise their value for money. White linen tablecloths are the perfect blank canvas, but keep in mind food and drink stains will show up clearly!
  • Table runners, table placemats, coasters and napkins are a lovely added touch for bringing your dining table alive in detail. Putting two napkins in different colours or patterns in one napkin ring is a simple trick for adding wow factor to your table.
  • Fresh flowers are another gorgeous addition to any dining table and make an inexpensive yet impressive centrepiece, especially if you pick them from your garden. But don't get carried away with the size of your centrepiece - keeping flowers at a reasonable height helps promote cross-table conversation.
  • Even smaller tables can benefit from some added table linens. A coffee table runner or coffee table cloth will need to be small enough to suit the size of your table, but will help add a little decor to the furniture and prevent hot drinks from damaging the surface.

There's so much you can do when it comes to table settings, so make sure you check out our guide to setting an unforgettable dining table for many more helpful tips and hacks to inspire your imagination and creative impulses.

Table linen and accessories FAQ

How long should a table runner be?

The general rule is that you want your table runner to hang roughly 15cm over each end of your dining table, giving it an elegant look that isn't over the top. A table runner should also be one-third of the width of the table it covers - this gives you plenty of room for placemats and plates, while ensuring your table runner won't be lost under any decor you place on top of it.

How to set a table with a runner and placemats?

The key thing to note when setting a table with placemats and a table runner is that the two accessories shouldn't touch - in fact, you want a noticeable gap between the top of your placemat and the edge of the table runner.

This negative space will help prevent your table from looking cluttered, and give each accessory its own space to shine!

When should I use a coaster?

If you do not have a protective tablecloth or cover, using a coaster for your drinks is very important, particularly if you have a wooden dining table. Hot drinks and rings of water can cause permanent damage to wooden dining tables, so a coaster can protect your table from these kinds of damage.

Plastic and metal dining tables can be wiped clean easily, so coasters aren't necessary for them - but their addition can be just the decorative hint you need to take your tablescape to the next level!

What Else Can I Find For My Dining Set Up At Spotlight?

For specific tableware and accessories, check out the following categories:

  • Napkins and napkin rings - the addition of napkin rings add a slight but stylish sense of formality to your dining table. Choose napkins that contrast your other table linen or match it, but either way your guests will appreciate the means to keep themselves clean!
  • Placemats and coasters - find matching placemats and coasters that are perfect for protecting your table and adding some decorative flair at the same time.
  • Table runners - whether it's for an annual holiday, birthday or just a nice family dinner, a tale runner is the perfect way to jazz up your table without completely covering it up.

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Find The Right Table Linen And Table Accessories At Spotlight

You can create a stunning tablescape using Spotlight's tablecloths and accessories, all available online or at your nearest Spotlight store. And if you can't make it in store, pay your way and have your table linen home delivered quickly and safely. Choose the right table linen with the help of our table linen buying guide, and visit our ideas blog for heaps of fun lifestyle, party and creative ideas and inspiration.



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