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Calligraphy is an art form, so to get the best results you must have the proper supplies. One of the supplies you will need for your calligraphy efforts is a decent pen, but how do you choose from the large range of calligraphy pens available today. At Spotlight, you can find amazing quality and value calligraphy pens and calligraphy pen sets for your project. Featuring leading brands such as Ironlak, Sharpie, Staedtler and more, you can find premium art pens right here. The range includes:

Calligraphy Pens and Art Pens FAQs

What are nibs and how are they used?

Nibs are the interchangeable tips for a calligraphy pen. Depending on the type you have, they can deliver different results. Overall, most calligraphy nibs can be divided into two types as well.

The first type of calligraphy nib is the so-called flex nib. The flex nib is characterised by its round exterior and two tines. In turn, these tines can influence how the nib transfers ink to paper. If the tines split further apart, then the line will be thicker. Of course, the amount of pressure you apply to these tines can also influence how the ink transfers on paper.

Contrary to the flex nib, the italic nib is a specialist tool. It is mainly used for italic and Gothic styles of calligraphy, which are brilliant for invitations and other formal writing. In some cases, it is used for wall art as well, so there are many applications for italic nibs too.

When should I use the brush pen?

As a calligrapher, you can also come across a so-called brush pen. The brush pen is popular by anyone who tends to write in Chinese on a regular basis because the brush pen makes it easier to put these characters on paper.

Please note that there are various types of brush pens, depending on the hairs used on them. They can be made from natural hair or synthetic hair, and each of them tends to create a unique result. Beginners who want to dabble with the brush pen can look at brush pens made with synthetic hairs, as they are more affordable. However, if you want the best results, look for brush pens with some natural hair. While they are more expensive, the results they provide are quite remarkable.

Are felt tip pens still used in calligraphy?

Once you are an experienced calligrapher, you may laugh at the idea of using a felt tip pen. However, felt tip pens have a remarkable number of applications in the world of calligraphy - this applies to beginners as well as experienced calligraphers.

Felt tip pens are brilliant for calligraphers who want to do some calligraphy while they travel, but without taking all their advanced equipment. Travelling with one of the fancy calligraphy pens can be problematic, especially since they tend to leak ink. So, a felt tip pen can be more practical. In addition to being practical for travel, felt tip pens tend to be more affordable than any other calligraphy pen. Since they are affordable, beginners often start calligraphy with these types of pens, as they allow for some guilt-free practising before switching over to the more expensive pens.

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