Room Darkening Curtain Fabrics

Buy room darkening curtain fabrics at Spotlight and use it to make curtains to reduce the amount of sunlight in your room. Shop online or in-store today.

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Can I purchase darkening curtain fabrics from Spotlight?

Yes, you can. There is nothing like having a lie-in in the morning, but the sun coming up can be a bit of a dampener on your peaceful snooze. Room darkening curtain fabrics are specially designed to prevent light from filtering through, helping your place to stay darker for longer. They are also great if you or a family member needs to sleep before it is dark, and will help children to keep to bedtime even on those long summer days. With curtain fabrics in just about every colour of the rainbow and tons of beautiful patterns to choose from, shop our darkening curtain fabrics today for bargains galore across the collection.

What is included in this range?

This range features our selection darkening curtain fabrics at Spotlight, with a wide range of colours, styles and designs to choose from. Keep out the light while maintaining your style with curtains made from this comprehensive collection. Whether you are looking for a beautiful triple weave for your bedroom, some fabulously floral curtains that would be perfect for the living room, or something rich and luxurious for the living room, we are sure to have the fabric for you in this selection. Discover our superb range online now, and we will deliver right to your door. Alternately, call into your local Spotlight store, where one of our team will be on hand to help you in any way that they can.

What are the benefits of using darkening curtain fabrics?

These fabulous fabrics will help you to get a great night's sleep for even longer, reducing the impact of sunlight and street lights on your peaceful slumber. Room darkening fabrics are also great for creating curtains for your living room or media room. Watch TV without screen glare, create that cinematic atmosphere, and create a private bubble, with window dressings made from this fabulous selection. These fabrics are also heavier than traditional cotton or sheerer options, and so will provide extra insulation. Making them more energy efficient as they will help to prevent heat or cold from leaving your home.

What is the difference between room darkening and block out?

You will notice that some of our fabrics state that they are blockout and these will prevent any light from entering the room. Whereas, room darkening fabrics, such as the beautiful options featured in this collection, will block out the majority of the light, approximately 90-95%.The one that you choose is a matter of personal preference, and we have both types available at Spotlight.

How should I wash my room darkening fabrics?

Well, that depends on which of our fabric linings you have chosen, and we always recommend that you read the manufacturer's care instructions carefully before you begin. When you are hand washing your new curtains, you need to be gently, and not wring or twist the curtains at any time. Ensure that they are thoroughly rinsed before you hang to dry, most of our curtain fabrics cannot be tumble dried. Do not fold your curtains over the line or anywhere else when you are drying them, instead hang directly at the window to maintain those perfect pleats. Finally, always avoid the use of any harsh chemicals and abrasive solutions, including chlorine and bleach.



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