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Keep An Orderly Kitchen Using A Tray Organiser Or Shelf From Spotlight

If you're finding your kitchen is becoming a little cluttered, try organising it using a handy portable shelf or tray organiser from Spotlight. Our portable shelves are small and light, with compact and extendable options available to suit your space. Our kitchen drawer organisers are ideal for keeping your cutlery in check, and will fit in the standard-sized kitchen drawers you'll find in most homes.

We also have handy clear trays for your fridge, baskets for letters, paperwork and other oddities that seem to accumulate on the kitchen bench and spice trays for keeping your spice collection neat and tidy! Look for trusted brands such as Joseph Joseph, Boxsweden and Madesmart for kitchen rack organisers and shelves you can rely on.

How to use shelves and tray organisers in your kitchen

Our portable shelves are ideal for use on kitchen counters and benchtops. Any of our shelves are expandable, allowing you to alter them to fit your space - whether it's the small space next to your stove or a long length of bench near your coffee machine, our extendable shelves will always be the perfect fit. These shelves can house jars, cans, small boxes and other packaged goods. Some shelves even have pull-out drawers for items you'd like nearby but not in view.

Our tray organisers can slip into your kitchen drawers and should fit snugly. They can house different types of cutlery, as well as larger kitchen utensils like ladles, whisks, rolling pins and other long tools. We also have special drawers for kitchen knives so you can keep them protected and out of easy reach from curious hands.

Kitchen organising trays and shelves FAQs

What are trays and shelves for the kitchen?

Trays and shelves designed for the kitchen are space-saving tools that can house small containers, packets and other kitchen supplies that can become messy if just left loose in the pantry. Not only do they ensure you can find what you need easily but they also prevent cutlery and large utensils from scratching and otherwise damaging each other when left loose in drawers.

How should I use a cutlery drawer organiser?

Once you have checked the tray organiser will fit your kitchen drawer give it a quick wipe down before sliding it into your drawer. Place the cutlery you use the most towards the front (forks, knives and cereal spoons) and store less-used cutlery towards the back (steak knives, soup spoons, dessert forks and teaspoons).

How can I organise my large kitchen utensils?

Cutlery drawers can be used for more than just knives, forks and spoons! Use a kitchen drawer organiser to keep larger kitchen utensils separate so you can find what you need easily. Utensils like slotted spoons, tongs, spatulas and microplanes are all great candidates for in-drawer storage, if you're not keeping them next to your stove in a jar that is!

What Else Can I Find At Spotlight?

We have everything you need to keep your kitchen and pantry clean and tidy, including:

  • Dish racks: Letting your clean dishes air dry is one of the best low-effort, high-effect ways to finish off dishwashing! The right dish rack will allow your dishes to air dry in no time.
  • Food storage containers: Keep the food and ingredients you use every day safe but within reach using our food storage containers! These canisters and jars are ideal for use on the benchtop, and can be used for things like coffee, tea and sugar.
  • Pantry storage containers: Extend the life of your dry goods by storing them in a quality pantry container from Spotlight. Dry pasta, rice, cereal and baking goods are all perfect candidates for our pantry storage range.

Have a look at the full kitchen storage range for any other storage you might need!

Find the right kitchen organising trays and shelves at Spotlight

Ready to organise your kitchen? Choose your shelves and large or small cutlery trays online, pay your way and we'll deliver your order straight to your front door. Alternatively, visit your nearest Spotlight store and our friendly team will help you choose the right kitchen tray organisers for your needs.

Have a look at our kitchen & pantry storage, knife care and tools & utensils buying guides to ensure you're caring and storing for your kitchenware correctly. And for more kitchen and dining tips, tricks and inspiration, check out our blogs on cleaning your kettle, organising your pantry and setting up a home bar.



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