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Everything You Need To Know About Tablecloths And Matching Accessories

Tablecloths never go out of style. In fact, they are popular inside our homes as well as in restaurants and other public places. In addition to tablecloths, you can also benefit from a range of matching accessories these days. Not sure which accessories you need? Check out the essentials guide from Spotlight below!

What Are Essential Table Accessories?

There are a couple of table accessories that prove useful for any table, but also for your tablecloth. Here are some of the essentials you cannot miss out on for your home.

Tablecloth clips: A set of tablecloth clips can save you a lot of hassle, especially when you use a tablecloth every day. With some of these clips, you can fasten your tablecloth in place, preventing it from moving during dinner time. At Spotlight, you can find a variety of these clips for an affordable price.

Table runner: When you want to give your table a more formal look, a table running will look smashing. A table runner is placed in the centre of the table and can be used to place a centrepiece or even the place cards for a party.

Plastic lace: Do you have a valuable table and do not want any liquids or spills getting onto the surface. No worries because you can keep your table protected with some plastic lace. In addition to keeping your table protected, it also makes sure that your table still looks elegant and sophisticated.

How Do I Maintain Tablecloths?

Want to maximise the lifespan of your new tablecloths? Or simply want to protect them against permanent stains and other problems? With our quick guide below, you can increase the lifespan of all your table linen.

Speed is key: The treatment of stains is similar across the board, especially where fabrics are concerned. The quicker you can get to a stain, the more likely you can completely remove it from the fabric. If you leave it too long, the stain might set into the fabric fibres and this makes it extremely difficult to remove the stain completely.

Stain removal: There are several treatments that can be used to remove stains before you wash your tablecloth. It is worth investing in such a treatment as well, as it enables you to quickly get to a stain before it can cause permanent damage.

Cleaning products with enzymes are best for stain removal. Simply apply a little bit of the product on the stain and then dab it with some tissue. However, always make sure you test the stain remover before a stain occurs. Use a small spot that is not directly visible on your tablecloth and make sure the product does not discolour or damage your fabric.

Washable tablecloths: Most tablecloths can be washed in the washing machine, but you should always check the washing instructions on the care label. Some tablecloths can only be washed on a short cycle and a colder temperature. If this is not done, it could cause damage to the material.

Once your tablecloth is washed, never put it in the dryer. Instead, leave the tablecloth to dry naturally, as this will help to remove any discolouration and protect the material further.

The number of times you wash your tablecloth heavily depends on how you use it. Obviously, when the tablecloth gets dirty, you should wash it as soon as possible. However, if the tablecloth remains clean, you should only wash it every four months or so.

Storage: When you have some fancy tablecloths laying around, you probably store them away until you need them again. Storing your tablecloths in the right way is important too, as it can increase the lifespan of the fabric.

Firstly, never fold a tablecloth when you store it away. It is much more effective to roll the fabric, which will be less harsh on the fabric. It is also recommended not to iron or steam your tablecloth until you use it next. Once it comes out of storage, it is likely you will have to iron or steam it again anyway. Minimising the amount of ironing and steaming can also save the fabric over time.

Tablecloths, Accessories And Much More

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