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How To Choose A Quilting Machine?

There are some big differences between a regular sewing machine and a quilting machine, so if you have your mind set on a few quilting projects, it can be a good idea to invest in a decent quilting machine. But how do you choose the best one for your needs? Read on to find out more about the quilting machine and its properties!

What Are The Characteristics Of A Quilting Machine?

A quilting machine is a little different from a regular sewing machine. One of the biggest differences is that a quilting machine has a bigger table - this includes more width to accommodate the quilting process. So, if you are looking at different machines, the wider table is one of the first things you will notice on this type of machine.

Most quilting machines also provide a range of customisation options - this may include embroidery and various stitching options. Of course, these customisation options will be designed for quilting specifically, so it allows you to be a little more creative with your quilting projects.

Finally, quilting machines also allow for easier threading. Now, this feature can prove extremely useful, as it is quite common to change stitches during the quilting process. Threading can be a little harder on a regular machine, so this is certainly a major reason to invest in a quilting machine as well.

Are There Different Types Of Quilting Machines?

The differences between individual quilting machines usually come down to the individual manufacturers. As we mentioned briefly earlier, there are some machines that come with additional features. Because of these features, some quilting machines can be used for other dedicated sewing chores. So, buying a quilting machine that has such additional features can certainly prove beneficial.

One of the additional options that can come with quilting machines is an embroidery option. You also have digital quilting machines, which allow you to download and install patterns on the machine. In addition to that, you can even alter downloaded patterns on some machines. How wonderful is that!

Why Should I Invest In A Good Quilting Machine?

There are standard quilting machines and those with all the bells and whistles. Buying those with the additional bells and whistles can have some advantages, especially when you have additional stitching width options, top-loading bobbins, and locking needle function.

Of course, the quilting machines with all the bells and whistles can be quite the investment. Fortunately, you can count on Spotlight and an amazing collection of quilting and sewing machines for an amazing price.

When you are looking for a good quilting machine, also make sure there is enough room for a larger spool of thread. If you have enough for a cone-shaped spool of thread, you will find it much easier to do all the stitching on the quilt.

Finally, check if your quilting machine also has a speed control feature. With a speed control feature, you can regulate just how slow or fast you are stitching. For a process such as quilting, it can prove quite interesting indeed!

Which Quilting Machine Feet Should I Obtain?

Quilters can use various techniques to create their quilts. Of course, these quilting techniques will require different types of feet for the machine. As a quilter, you will need the essentials - this includes the 1/4 foot, walking foot, and darning foot.

Please note that some quilting machines include the feet mentioned above as a standard. Always check what is included with your quilting machine before you make an additional purchase. Of course, you can always obtain additional feet, so you have some spares when you need them.

Why Should I Choose Spotlight For All My Quilting Machine Needs?

At Spotlight, customers can get amazing sewing machines and quilting machines. We also provide some of the accessories required for these machines, so you do not need an additional store if you require anything else for your machine.

Spotlight also provides some sewing accessories aside from a quilting machine. We provide patterns, needles, thread, embroidery supplies, and loads more. So, if you are starting out with quilting, be sure to check out the catalogue of Spotlight and benefit from out amazing prices.



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