Bedroom Storage Accessories

Explore Spotlight's range of wardrobe and closet organisers to declutter your bedroom with ease! Shop storage boxes and vacuum bags online & in-store!

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Can I purchase bedroom storage accessories at Spotlight?

Yes, you can. Clear away the clutter and make sure that your bedroom is always neat and tidy with our comprehensive range of bedroom storage accessories at Spotlight. We have stylish storage solutions to meet every style and budget, and we are confident that you will find the perfect storage accessories for you within this comprehensive collection. Stay organised and keep on top of the clutter, shop our beautiful bedroom storage accessories online or at your local Spotlight store today.

What is included in this range?

This bedroom includes a selection of accessories that will help to ensure that your bedroom stays neat and tidy, with a variety of stylish and functional storage solutions to choose from. Whether you are looking to keep your clothes neat and pressed with cases and bags, wardrobe organisers to keep everything organised, or perhaps the perfect storage solution for your cosmetics, we have got you covered. Use vacuum storage bags or our under the bed storage cases and maximise the space that you have available. Keeping your belongings organised can help you to save time in the future, as well as making sure that your bedroom looks the best that it can.

How do I use vacuum storage bags?

Vacuum storage bags are a great way to keep your belongings away and maximise the storage space that you have available. These space-saving tools can reduce the amount of storage space needed by up to 50%, which is a lifesaver when you do not have a lot of storage options available. First of all, choose the right vacuum bag with regard to what you wish to pack, there are various sizes available. Keeping the bag on a flat surface, place your items in the bag but be careful not to overfill it. Firmly, seal the bag using the zip slider and press down harder to ensure that a tight seal has been created. Open the valve cap on the bag and place your vacuum goes inside it. Turn the vacuum on and watch as the bag slowly shrinks and the air is removed. Once it has stopped shrinking, the sealing process has finished, and your vacuum bags are ready to go.

Do you have any other tips for bedroom storage?

Creating that perfect bedroom haven is easy to do, but keeping it that way can be challenging, particularly when you have a lot of belongings. Whether it is cosmetics, toiletries, clothes or shoes, our bedrooms can get easily cluttered without the appropriate storage solutions. One of the most susceptible to clutter areas in your bedroom has to be the wardrobe, yet having a tidy closet will save you so much time in the morning when all your clothes, shoes and accessories are to hand. Cleanse your wardrobe space regularly, and organise by a theme, whether it is colour, occasion, or season. Check out our superb selection of organisers that hang in your closet for extra space for folder jumpers and trousers, accessories, linens, shoes, or anything else. You could also use your wardrobe itself for organisation, add a mirror, hooks for belts or jewellery, or extra storage options, and make the most out of the space you have available. Under your bed is also an ideal storage space, and with the under bed storage boxes available here, you can store all your bed linens, towels, and non-essentials out of the way. A few simple fixes can transform your room into an organised haven, and one of the best ways to achieve this is by making sure that all your possessions have a home. Pick and mix your favourite pieces of bedroom storage from Spotlight, with our fabulously low prices across the range!



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