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Learn Everything You Need To Know About Your Crochet Hooks

Crochet hooks are indispensable in a crafter's personal collection, but what are some of the things you need to know about your crochet hooks? Are certain crochet hooks more suitable for certain projects than others? To find out, be sure to read through the recommendations provided by the Spotlight team.

What Are The Different Types Of Crochet Hooks?

Crochet hooks can be made from different materials. They can also have a slightly different design, which in turn can influence their suitability for certain projects.

Steel crochet hooks - Most of the smaller crochet hooks are made from steel. By using steel, crafters can tackle detailed work, this can be needed in projects such as doilies and lace.

Aluminium crochet hooks - Contrary to the steel versions, aluminium crochet hooks come in many different sizes. The aluminium allows the stiches the flow off naturally, this makes it easier to crochet for beginners.

Plastic crochet hooks - Some of the largest crochet hooks in existence are made from plastic and are hollow on the inside. Plastic crochet hooks are quite affordable and really light. However, they are not as durable as crochet hooks made from other materials.

Bamboo crochet hooks - If you do not like the cold feeling of metal and aluminium crochet hooks, then bamboo provides you with a suitable alternative. Bamboo crochet hooks feel warm to the touch and they are available in anything from small to maxi sizes.

What Are The Available Sizes For Crochet Hooks?

Crochet hooks can be variable in size, as we have explained earlier. While there is a universal size guide in place, always remember that sizes can be variable by brand too. Sizes can also be different depending on the country where the hooks were manufactured.

Please note that the size of a crochet hook is not determined by its length. The size of the hook actually refers to the overall diameter of the hook shaft. The diameter of the shaft has a direct influence on how big or small your stitches will be, so it is important to be familiar with hook sizes.

Are There Specialist Crochet Hooks?

We already elaborated on crochet hook materials, but we have not mentioned some of the specialist crochet hooks that can be obtained. There are some specialist crochet hooks today, this includes the Tunisian crochet hook. If a special crochet hook is required, it will usually be mentioned in the pattern for your project. To ensure you have an overview of the options, we have included some of the additional specialist crochet hooks you can encounter.

Thread crochet hooks - This type of crochet hook is usually considerably smaller than the average crochet hook. They are usually made from a metal, this ensures their stability. Evidently, a thread crochet hook is used for more detailed projects.

Ergonomic crochet hooks - The ergonomic crochet hook is not particularly used for special projects but used by crafters who are prone to pain in the hands or the wristers. If you suffer from a condition such as arthritis or the carpal tunnel syndrome, then this unique type of crochet hook could provide some relief while you crochet.

Illuminated crochet hooks - When you do a lot of late-night crochet work, you might be interested in this specialist crochet hook. As the name suggests, this crochet hook lights up, giving you a better overview of your stitches in dim light.

Tunisian crochet hooks - A Tunisian crochet hook is used for Tunisian crochet, this type of crochet uses different stitches than other types of crochet. The crochet hook is characterised by a small hook on the end and is usually made from steel, this enables small as well as larger projects to be done with the greatest efficiency.

Knook crochet hooks - The final specialist hook you can encounter is the Knook crochet hook. This type of crochet hook is used when the crafter wants to create a fabric with a knitted appearance, so there are many applications for this type of crochet hook. In fact, many crochet lovers have a set of Knook crochet hooks in their collection as a standard. If you have not tried them yet, it should be a consideration.



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