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Whether you are looking for boxes of all shapes and sizes to papier mache or decoupage, letters, numbers and words of all sizes, or fun shapes of all kinds, our timber and papier mache range is an excellent place to look. Unleash your creativity on these plain shapes and boxes, and decorate them to match your decor perfectly. Whatever your style, the only limit is your imagination!

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A Beginner's Guide to Papier Mache

No matter how old you are, it is likely you have done a papier mache project in your childhood and want to try your hand at it again now. There are so many weird and wonderful things that could be made with papier mache too, so you are likely going to have a bunch of great ideas.

What Do I Need To Make Papier Mache?

Most of the things you need to make papier mache are already in your home. You will require some old paper and/or newspaper, flour, adhesive, water, paint, Vaseline, a paintbrush, and some salt.

How Big Should I Make Papier Strips?

When it comes to the size of papier mache strips, there is no real pre-determined ideal size. That being said, the project you are doing can influence their overall size. If you have a template lying around for your project, always make sure the size of the strips is not mentioned.

Which Glue Is Best For Papier Mache Projects?

Once you start working with papier mache again, you will notice that there are various adhesives that are advertised as being useful for papier mache. These glues include PVA and wallpaper paste. Of course, you can also make your own by using a combination of flour and water.

When you use PVA glue for your papier mache project, always make sure you add one-part water for every two parts of PVA glue. Mix properly before you start using it on your paper strips.

For your smaller projects, you could use a combination of flour and water. Simply mix one-part water with one-part flower. However, if you are doing a larger project that requires additional strength, replace the water with some white glue.

Another adhesive that has been popular for papier mache projects for years is wallpaper paste. Like the other adhesives, you should always mix this adhesive with some water. Use two parts of the wallpaper paste and then one-part water. Mix well before use.

While all adhesives are really good for papier mache, a mixture of wallpaper paste and water tends to be best for projects that you want to last for many years. So, always take the lifespan of your crafted item into consideration before selecting your adhesive.

How Do I Make And Work With Papier Mache?

To start making your papier mache, simply add the strips of paper into your adhesive mixture. Then, mix properly until the paper is soaked completely in the adhesive mixture.

If you wish to turn papier mache into a shape, you will need to use a surface to add the papier mache too, this can be anything from a balloon to a figurine. You can apply the papier mache with your fingers or an old paintbrush. Keep on applying strips until the entire area is covered.

When it comes down to creating something beautiful from papier mache, it is always recommended to work out any bumps and creases as much as you can. For most projects, it is possible to do this by hand. Of course, there can be some instances where you have to use a brush to get into very small crevices and areas.

Once you have applied all the strips of papier mache, it is time to let your project dry. You can leave it with one layer, although many prefer adding more layers once the project has dried, this provides added strength.

When your papier mache project has had some time to dry, you can start colouring it. There are several paints you could use for this purpose, but emulsion paint seems to provide the best results.

What Does Spotlight Provide In Terms Of Papier Mache Supplies?

Spotlight provides various supplies for paper mache, this ranges from timber models to adhesives and papier mache itself. So, anything you require for your next papier mache project can be obtained from our store.

Please note that Spotlight provides other amazing crafting supplies too. So, if you do more than papier mache in terms of crafting, why not check out the remainder of our catalogue to uncover an amazing range of crafting supplies at the best prices. We can guarantee you will not be disappointed.



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