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The Cutting Tools That Cannot Be Missing From Your Crafting Collection!

Most crafters will have a selection of cutting tools in their collection, whether it is to cut fabric, paper, thread, or another material they work with on a regular basis. Today, we take a closer look at some of the essential cutting tools that could make your crafting life easier.

What Is The First Cutting Tool I Could Obtain For My Crafting Room?

One of the cutting tools most crafters get in is a cutting machine. Cutting machines come in various shapes, sizes and designs, so you will find one that fits the space you have available.

When obtaining a cutting machine, always check the kind of paper the machine can handle. While most machines can handle basic paper and cardstock, some of the more advanced versions can handle things such as vinyl and fabric. For a crafter who does more than one craft, this could prove very useful indeed.

What Is The Second Cutting Tool I Could Obtain For My Crafting Room?

Whether you are into papercraft or regularly do some gift wrapping, a guillotine paper cutter could prove useful indeed. While it does perform a similar function as the previously mentioned automated cutting machine, it does allow for a bit more precision.

When working with a guillotine cutting tool, a piece of paper (or several pieces of paper) are placed on the edge of the machine. Then, the ruler on top of the machine can be moved to get the size you want. So, if you have trouble cutting paper in the right size, the guillotine cutting tool should be on your shortlist.

What Is The Third Cutting Tool I Could Obtain For My Crafting Room?

One of the handiest cutting tools you will find in most craft rooms is the so-called rotary cutter. Contrary to a pair of scissors, the rotary cutter allows you to cut with a lot more precision. It is also recommended if you are trying to achieve a fluid cut.

If you decide to work with a rotary cutter, always remember to protect the surface you are working on. The best way to do this is by obtaining a cutting mat alongside your rotary cutter.

What Is The Fourth Cutting Tool I Could Obtain For My Crafting Room?

Another cutting tool that cannot be underestimated where usefulness is concerned is the craft knife. Much like all cutting tools, craft knives are available in all shapes, sizes, and designs, this enables you to find one that you are comfortable with.

Craft knives are often used in the same way as a rotary cutter. However, craft knives tend to work better on thicker crafting materials. Therefore, you should always have one of each in your crafting room.

What Is The Fifth Cutting Tool I Could Obtain For My Crafting Room?

Another wonderful option for the crafting room is a so-called stamp punch. While this cutting tool is usually preferred for crafters who preoccupy themselves with papercrafts, those that use it will find countless applications for it.

Stamp punches can have a variety of designs. Some are available with a single design shape, while others can be interchanged. Naturally, the amount of shapes available for a stamp punch can influence the price somewhat.

What Is The Sixth Cutting Tool I Could Obtain For My Crafting Room?

It is likely you have a good amount of scissors in your crafting room, but do you have a pair of scissors that are made for your craft specifically? For example, seamstresses could benefit from a pair of fabric scissors, while those doing papercraft could gain advantage from obtaining an adhesive-resistant pair of scissors.

Of course, there are crafters who do more than one craft, in which case it is best to obtain a variety of scissors to match that craft. If you tend to work with various materials, you should at least have some fabric scissors, general purpose scissors, anti-stick scissors, and some embroidery shears.

There are countless cutting tools that could make your craft life easier, this much is clear from this article! Want to discover even more cutting tools or obtain some of the tools mentioned in this overview? Be sure to check out the cutting tools catalogue at Spotlight.



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