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Spotlight Beginner's Guide To Serving Utensils

We all have a basic selection of serving utensils in our homes which we all know and recognise. Of course, once you start expanding on your collection, you may encounter some unusual options in the Spotlight catalogue as well. If you are curious about the different serving utensils you could add to your collection, be sure to check out our beginner's guide to serving utensils below.

What Are The Serving Utensils For Fruits And Vegetables?

There are plenty of serving tools and utensils for fruits and vegetables, some you may never have heard of. Below you will find an overview with the most common options.

Asparagus server: The asparagus serves resembles a large fork and can have four to five tines. The server also has a special hooded design - this prevents your asparagus from rolling off.

Berry spoon: A berry spoon is also quite useful to have. Contrary to its name, it can be used for much more than just serving berries. In fact, the berry spoon is used to serve most types of fruit.

Flat server: The flat server can be used for most things. However, it is most used to serve foods that contain liquids such as tomatoes. In other words, this tool cannot be missing from your utensils collection.

Lemon fork: As the name suggests, this unique fork is used to serve slices of lemon. It is specifically designed to allow lemon juice to release and not be piled up on the serving tool. Quite handy if you don't want the overpowering taste of lemon.

Pickle spoon: Do you often struggle getting pickle out of the jar? Well, you don't have to if you own a pickle spoon. With this handy little spoon, you can easily pick up pickles from the jar without breaking a sweat!

What Are The Serving Utensils For Cheese?

True cheese connoisseurs already know that there are an astronomical number of tools for cheeses. Each of these tools has its own purpose, so if you like to organise a cheese and wine evening, you may want to consider obtaining these for your collection.

Cheese cleaver: A cheese cleaver looks remarkably like a meat cleaver, only it is considerably smaller. With this hardy little tool, you can easily slice harder and brittle cheese to perfection.

Cheese knife: The most basic tool when it comes to cutting cheeses, but also one of the most essential. A cheese knife is designed with a special curved blade, which makes it easy to cut common cheddars and Gouda cheese.

Cheese plane: When you need to cut soft cheeses from a cheese wheel, or maybe a cheese with some holes, you will need the cheese plane. It is also remarkably suitable for basic cheddar cheeses.

Cheese scoop: Yes, there is such a thing as a cheese scoop. It has a curved blade on top of a long handle, and it might remind you a garden trowel. You can use it to cut speciality cheeses such as stilton, but also wax-covered cheeses.

Triangular cheese knife: You can easily recognise the triangular cheese knife by its wedge blade. This knife is best used on the softest cheeses.

Which Serving Utensils Are Best For Meats And Fish?

Like cheeses and vegetables, you will find many serving utensils for meats and fish too. Let's look at the most common and useful ones for your personal collection.

Fish server: The fish server is a single tool that consists of a fish knife and a fork. The knife has a skewed blade with a pointed tip, while the fork can have anything between three to four tines. Naturally. This server is used to serve most kinds of fish.

Cold meat fork: As the name suggests, the cold meat fork is solely used to serve cold meats. This includes precooked meats such as lamb and chicken. The cold meat fork is sometimes used for French toast as well.

Carving utensils: There are so many carving tools that can be used for serving as well, so this should be a category on its own. Out of all the carving tools, you want at least a carving fork and knife - these will make it easy to cut and serve roasted meats during the holiday season.

Obtain Affordable Serving Utensils From The Spotlight Catalogue

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