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Discover Practical & Easy-to-Use Serving Utensils at Spotlight

Whether you're hosting a relaxed BBQ gathering, serving a buffet-style lunch or simply enjoying a regular family dinner, having the right serving utensils for your dishes is essential. From salad servers to tongs and ladles, Spotlight's range of serving utensils has you covered for every meal and occasion. With a range of styles and designs available, you're sure to find the right match for any table setting or decor theme.

What Are The Essential Serving Utensils I Need For My Table?

  • Serving Tongs: With a range of sizes and styles available, you can find everything from wide spatula tongs perfect for serving grilled meats or veggies, to dainty mini tongs ideal for tiny morsels like olives and pickles.
  • Salad Servers & Salad Hands: Designed specifically for serving fresh leafy greens or slaws, these essential utensils are must-haves for any table that has a salad on it!
  • Ladles: Not just limited to food prep in the kitchen, ladles are an essential item for soups at the dinner table or delicious fruit punches at your next party.
  • Spaghetti And Pasta Servers: Spaghetti is easily served with a specially designed spaghetti spoon, and the whole family will love sitting down to a plate of Bolognese.
  • Cake Servers: Stylishly and effortlessly service your cakes and desserts with a cake server. You can also use it for quiche, pie and other dishes that require special care.

Serving Utensils FAQs

What are salad hands?

These unique-looking utensils are specially designed to easily transport salads from the bowl to your plate. As the name suggests, they look a little bit like a pair of hands - compact yet practical in design, they feature easy-to-grip loops or handles and fork-like tines that are perfect for grabbing leafy salads.

How to care for wooden servingware

The most important thing you can do to preserve the look and function of any wooden serving utensil is to NEVER clean it in the dishwasher! Moisture and steam are the enemies of natural timbers, so make sure you wash wooden salad servers by hand (don't leave them soaking!) and allow them to dry naturally. You can maintain and protect wooden utensils with a monthly treatment using a food-safe oil such as linseed oil. Simply wipe the oil into the surface of the wooden utensils with a soft cloth, and after allowing the oil to soak in overnight, wipe away the excess and gently buff until all the oil is thoroughly rubbed in.

What Else Can I Find In Spotlight's Servingware Range?

  • Serving Bowls: Find gorgeous bowls in a range of colours and sizes to elevate salads, chips & dips, snacks, pasta dishes and more!
  • Serving Platters & Trays: Present all your favourite dishes in style with the ideal-sized platter.
  • Jugs & Bottles and Drink Dispensers: Our decorative clear glassware is perfect for refreshing any thirsty crowd!

Elevate Every Dining Occasion & Celebration With the Right Servingware

Spotlight's wide range of servingware includes everything you need when it comes to adding form, function and style to your dining experiences. Choose to shop online and enjoy the convenience of home delivery, or make your purchases in-store where our friendly team members can help you create the ultimate table settings for your home. Our handy table linen buying guide has great ideas for completing your table settings, and be sure to also check out some table setting ideas for everyday tablescapes for more inspiration!



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