Artificial Plants

If gardening is not quite your thing or bunches of flowers set off your allergies, then artificial plants and flowers can be a great way to add a burst of colour and style to your home. At Spotlight, we have a wide variety of colourful and lifelike artificial flowers and plants to choose from, from succulents to hydrangeas, peonies to lavender, and just about everything in between. Add a beautiful bouquet that will never wilt to your home decor and shop artificial flowers and plants at Spotlight today.

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Add an Organic Highlight to Your Home With Artificial Flowers & Plants

Introducing a splash of green foliage or vibrant botanical blooms to your home interior is an easy way to add colour and texture to any space. However, maintaining plants and flowers to always look their optimum takes time and effort that a lot of us simply don't have - particularly if you've not been blessed with a "green thumb"! Artificial plants, flowers and succulents are the perfect solution to adding a natural, organic aesthetic to your home without the fuss, mess and worry of their real life counterparts. These days you can find fake plants that look just like the real thing, featuring a high level of detail in leaf veins, stems, petals and colouration, Spotlight, you can discover a huge range of faux trees, potted plants, flower stems, hanging baskets and planter boxes to add natural detail to any room in your home - and with no watering required!

Where Can I Place Artificial Plants & Flowers In My Home?

Due to their low-maintenance nature - think no risk of moisture, bugs or potential dirt spillages - when it comes to the best spot for your faux plants it's really up to you! Here are a few ideas to get the inspiration going:

  • Bookshelves: If you're creating a feature shelving unit, why not add space out your well-loved books with some artificial plants or artificial succulents? At Spotlight, you can find faux greenery complete with stylishly decorative pots, available in a range of sizes to comfortably fit into any bookcase.
  • Mantelpieces: If you live in a period style home, decorating your mantelpiece is a great way to add visual texture to your living spaces. You can choose potted artificial leaves and artificial flowers to adorn mantelpieces or console tables - or arrange your favourite floral sprays and leaf sprays in a vase to create your own unique floral arrangements.
  • Laundries & Bathrooms: Elevate these often utilitarian spaces with a hanging basket filled with trailing foliage or place an arrangement of faux flowers in a glass bottle on your bathroom vanity.
  • Verandahs, Porches & Decks: If you live in an apartment or unit, quite often balconies are your only outdoor living space. Make it feel homely with a tall artificial plant to green up the area like an artificial olive tree, or consider creating a vertical plant wall using wall panels from Spotlight's artificial greenery walls

Artificial Plants FAQs

How to clean artificial plants

As the saying goes, prevention is better than a cure! The first line of defence in keeping your artificial plants looking fresh and vibrant is to dust them regularly as part of your cleaning routine. Preventing dust build up will mean that next to no real cleaning or maintenance is required. If you do find that your artificial greenery has accumulated a little bit of dirt, grease or grime, make a 50/50 solution of water and white vinegar and add it to a spray bottle. Lightly mist the leaves and wipe them clean with a lint-free or microfibre cloth - for stubborn dirt, leave the solution on for five minutes before going in for the final wipe-down.

How to style artificial plants and flowers

Here are some simple ideas and tricks for styling artificial trees, plants and flowers in the home or office:

  • Use groups of three: Arranging any kind of decor item in groups of three (or just odd numbers) assists in creating balance and visual interest.
  • Decorate by theme: With so many artificial plants and flowers to choose from in spotlight's range, choosing a cohesive botanical theme is easy. For a tropical look, opt for artificial ferns, artificial orchids, monsteras, areca palm trees, bird of paradise plants or banana plants. To create a more traditional cottage feel, try potted peonies, roses or wildflowers. You can also find a wonderful selection of artificial native plants at Spotlight, including eucalyptus and proteas that are perfect for adding a touch of Australiana to your home.
  • Play with height, colour & texture: Create visual interest in your displays by choosing different heights and textures to create a sense of volume and fullness. Choosing a colour theme is also a great way to establish a particular mood. Go for soothing white flowers and soft greens for timeless appeal, or opt for bold contrasting colours to add a sense of vibrancy to your spaces.

You can discover more inspiration with our informative article on styling a room with faux greenery & artificial plants here!

How to create an artificial plant wall

Utilising walls for hanging your artificial plants is a great way to save on space while maximising visual impact. Perfect for outdoor areas like balconies, an artificial plant wall also makes a fun addition to spaces like laundries and can be a funky way to decorate for parties and celebrations. A simple way to create a fake greenery wall is to use grass panels, which can be simply affixed to your wall thanks to the mesh-style backing. To truly elevate the finished effect, you can use one or more photo frames (deep shadow box frames are ideal) to contain your artificial greenery. Remove the glass and picture frame mat, and cut the grass panel to size with sharp scissors. Use a hot glue gun to secure the panel to the backing board. You can then nest extra flowers, leaves and succulent picks into the frame, using floristry pins and extra glue to secure. Then you're ready to hang your framed greenery with weight-rated hooks!

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