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With our massive range of baking and chocolate making supplies, cake decoration and baking have never been so sweet - or easy! From cake cutters and turntables to edible sprinkles and themed cake candles, we have all your baking needs covered at Spotlight.

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What supplies do you need to bake a cake at home?

Each recipe requires different baking supplies, but there are some essential baking and cake supplies you'll always need:

What materials do you need to make chocolate at home?

Becoming a chocolatier at home is easy with our huge range of chocolate making supplies!

What other baking supplies can I find at Spotlight?

Edible cake decorations

Our range of baking supplies includes edible cake decorations that will make your cake the highlight of the party! Apart from looking amazing, they also taste great, such as edible cake sprinkles, sequins, glitter, and so much more.


When getting serious in the kitchen, you need the right baking tools for the job. Our range of non-stick baking sheets and pans will make sure you aren't scrapping bits of cake off of the bottom when it's time to serve. With square, quiche, round, ring and rectangle pans and trays, you can bake a variety of different shapes and sizes!

Cake decorating tools

Whether you're making homemade chocolate, cakes, cookies, muffins or more, our range of cake decorating supplies ensures you'll have everything you need. From cake turntables and icing sets to rolling pins, candles, toppers and more, Spotlight has all your cake decorating needs covered.

Packaging and display

You've put so much effort into making your cake look amazing, so why not ensure the packaging stands out as well? Our huge range of cake display and packaging includes clear window cake boxes, foil cake boards, cello bags, traditional cake boxes, treat bags, cake carriers and much more.

Find the Right Baking and Chocolate Making Supplies at Spotlight

Browse our vast range of homemade chocolate making and baking supplies to ensure your next creation is the talk of the party! If you need any help selecting the right tools and supplies, check out our baking equipment buying guide for more information.

Shop our entire range of baking and chocolate making supplies online or visit us in-store today.



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