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Shop craft foam for school, art and craft projects at Spotlight. Find a wide range of styrofoam, foam balls, foam sheets, EVA foam and more.

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Discover Quality Craft Foam At Spotlight

Our range of craft foam is ideal for any creative project, whether it be a personal craft endeavour or a school diorama. At Spotlight we've got a fantastic variety of styrofoam shapes that you can carve, colour and accessorise to suit your needs. From the classic styrofoam balls to thick craft foam sheets, you can find the craft foam you need here!

What kinds of craft foam can I find at Spotlight?

Here is a taste of what kinds of craft foam shapes we have for you to browse through:

  • Styrofoam balls: Making a model of the solar system or a personalised Christmas bauble? The humble styrofoam ball can do it all! Our craft foam balls come in handy packs so you always have enough on hand to experiment with.
  • Craft foam sheets: These thick foam sheets are easy to cut and make into custom foam shapes, and come in a great range of bright colours.
  • Foam wreaths: Create a special wreath for your next holiday event with one of our foam wreaths as the base! Their white colour makes any paint colours stand out beautifully, and you can use staples, pins and glue to stick on your decorations.
  • Foam heads: If you're creating a custom hat using millinery supplies, then model it on our foam heads to make sure it fits properly! You can also use foam heads to style wigs on, practice face paint or just colour in for fun.
  • Foam stickers: Our squishy foam stickers are perfect for little hands and are great fun for use in any colourful art or craft project.
  • EVA foam: Our EVA foam sheets can be manipulated into fantastic shapes using a heat gun, and are commonly used for cosplay. You will also see them used as flooring in gyms and home exercise studios!
  • Foam tape: Our foam tape can be used to create a sticky binding between two surfaces that is also squishy, protecting both items from contact-based damage.
  • Adhesive foam squares: These small foam squares are usually used for mounting images into walls and are a great way to add depth to any art project.

Brands our craft foam is from include Crafter's Choice, Semco and Shamrock Craft.

Craft foam FAQs

What is craft foam?

Craft foam is made from styrofoam, which is a light, buoyant material that is often used as a base shape in craft projects that is then painted or accessorised.

How do I carve craft foam?

Craft foam can be cut with a specialised foam cutter, but if you don't have this then a sharp blade like a bread knife will do the trick. You can also use wire cutters or, for flat craft foam sheets, sharp cookie cutters.

What kind of paint can I use on craft foam?

Use a water-based paint like acrylic paint for craft foam. If you paint straight onto styrofoam you will notice a bumpy texture - if you want to avoid this, create a smooth layer using white paint or gesso before applying your colour. Use a paintbrush rather than spray paint if possible.

What Else Can I Find At Spotlight?

Here are some of the other kinds of craft supplies you can expect to see at Spotlight:

  • Pom poms, chenille stems and feathers: These kids' craft essentials come in heaps of bright colours and are easy to stick on using craft glue.
  • Blank components: You can find black t-shirts, soft toys, calico bags, aprons and other blank fabric supplies perfect for decorating here!
  • Timber and paper mache: These sturdy decorating supplies are super fun to paint and decorate, and are great for decorating a nursery or kids' bedroom with.

Check out the full art and craft range for even more creative supplies!

Find the right craft foam at Spotlight

Ready to start crafting? Browse the full range of craft foam online, safely pay and we'll deliver your styrofoam shapes straight to your front door. You can also visit your nearest Spotlight store to shop for craft foam in person.

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