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When you spend a lot of time in your hobby or craft room, you want it to be as comfortable and functional as possible. The right lighting is one of the most essential aspects of a practical craft space, ensuring that you can see the finer details of your creations without putting any strain on your eyes. At Spotlight we have a great range of craft lighting solutions and magnifiers to keep you creating in comfort.

Discover LED floor lamps and desk lamps at Spotlight, designed to offer a range of different light modes and colour temperatures to suit different projects. You can also find craft lights complete with integrated magnifying lenses and hands-free magnifiers for completing detailed work. Keen artists can also discover LED light pads to take the hard work out of tracing drawings and patterns. No matter what your favoured artistic or creative pursuit, you can find the right lighting solution at Spotlight.

Craft Lighting & Magnifiers FAQs

How to use an LED light pad

LED light pads are easy to use and are designed to take all the hard work out of sketching and tracing. Simply place the image you wish to trace on the light pad and pop your blank sheet of paper on top. Once the light pad is switched on your chosen image will be clearly illuminated to make tracing a breeze!

What is a daylight craft lamp?

Craft lamps with daylight bulbs will emit a bright yet cool light that's similar to natural sunlight. Daylight lamps are the ideal choice for completing focused tasks like reading and crafting - think hand sewing, embroidery, knitting, crochet and anything that requires a degree of accuracy. With radiant illumination that parallels daylight you can easily focus on small details and see colours in their most authentic state.

What light is best for craft work?

LED lamps and light are the preferred choice for most arts and crafts. LED bulbs are energy efficient and don't produce any unwanted heat in your workspace. When it comes to the light quality, daylight bulbs are a great option if you're working into the night to reduce any strain on your eyes. If you're not sure about what light is right for you, choose a craft lamp with different colour temperature options to cover all your bases.

What is colour temperature?

The appearance of light from light bulbs and lamps can be described using colour temperature, and is measured in degrees of Kelvin (K). Ranging from warm to cool, each colour temperature can offer unique benefits to your home or workspace.

  • Warm (2700k - 3300k): Warm light is one that shows yellowish tones and is great for creating a relaxed environment while stimulating concentration.
  • Natural (3900k - 4500k): Natural lighting from daylight or a daylight lamp is ideal for showing colours accurately and allows you to focus on small details with ease.
  • White or Cool (6000k - 6500k): Cool white lighting can aid in creating a bright and energising environment. Some people find that cool lighting can promote focus and productivity.


Take your art and craft game to the next level with the right lighting solution for your studio or workspace. At Spotlight you can find craft lights to suit a range of creative pursuits and spaces - choose from clip-on craft lights to secure to small desks, or LED craft floor lamps to flood your room with the optimal light quality for your creative pursuits. Shop essential craft lighting online with Spotlight, where you can enjoy the convenience of home delivery for your purchases. Alternatively, head into your local Spotlight store where you can shop the complete range of craft lighting, yarn & needle art and art supplies to complete your home studio setup. Don't forget - Spotlight VIPs enjoy great benefits like exclusive discounts and advance sales notifications, so if you're not a member make sure you sign up for free today!



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