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Give your old furniture a new lease of life with the stylish range of furniture covers available at Spotlight. With covers for chairs and sofas of all sizes, this a great option if you have small children or pets or want to extend the lifespan of your furniture for longer. Transform your furniture to match your decor, with a range of colours available, and give your chairs and sofa a stylish new look with covers available here.

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How To Keep Your Sofa Clean And Pristine?

Since you are looking at furniture covers today, you are probably looking for ways to protect your leather or fabric sofa. One of our furniture covers will keep your sofa clean and pristine, and we can also share some valuable tips on how to increase the lifespan of your sofa. So, be sure to read on for additional information.

How Do I Keep My Fabric Sofa In Good Condition?

Fabric sofas are soft and comfortable. They also work in most interiors, this includes modern, contemporary and even traditional living rooms. So, how do you make sure your fabric sofa stays in the best condition.

Vacuum your sofa regularly - To avoid a pileup of dirt and debris on your fabric sofa, it is recommended to vacuum it on a regular basis. To prevent damage to your sofa, we recommend using the upholstery attachment and using a lower suction setting.

Dedicated cleaning products - When you encounter a serious stain on your fabric sofa, you can use a dedicated fabric cleaner to remove the stain. There are manufacturers that create such cleaning products for fabric sofas, although they can be a little more expensive than the average cleaning product. Nevertheless, normal cleaners will cause damage to your upholstery fabric.

Pilling remover - Did you know that you can remove pilling from a fabric sofa with a dedicated pilling remover? Of course, pilling is something that can be prevented through regular vacuum cleaning.

Avoid direct sunlight - Placing your sofa in direct sunlight - for example, in front of a window - can cause fading of the fabric. Too much sunlight can also weaken the fabric fibres, so it is better to place your sofa in a little bit of shade.

Get a professional clean - Some sofa manufacturers provide you with an annual cleaning service, which will keep your sofa in pristine condition. However, this service is usually accompanied by a monthly or an annual fee.

How Do I Keep My Leather Sofa In Pristine Condition?

Leather sofas are still counted among the most popular sofa materials out there. However, leather is quite different from fabric, so the maintenance of this kind of sofa will be different too. Here is how you keep your leather sofa in the best condition possible.

Use saddle soap - Saddle soap is a specific kind of soap for leather. When you encounter a stain on your leather sofa, a mixture of water and saddle soap can remove most stains. Of course, not all stains are easy. For example, inks are notoriously difficult to remove. Some people will recommend a little bit of rubbing alcohol on a cotton swab, but you need to be careful with this. If the rubbing alcohol ends up on the leather, it could cause serious damage to the material.

Keep it dry - The worst enemy of your leather sofa is moisture. If the leather becomes slightly damp - or you have made it slightly wet to remove a stain - it is essential that you dry the leather as soon as possible. If not, the leather can crack or show visible signs of damage.

Purchase some leather treatment - Nowadays, leather creams and treatments are widely available in stores. While not everyone gets these products to maintain their leather sofa, their use could actually extend the life of your leather sofa.

When applying a special leather treatment or a leather cream, always apply it with a clean microfibre cloth. Give the cream some time to work into the leather before you shine it. The purpose of this treatment is to moisturise the leather. When this is not used, the leather can show visible cracks over time, this can ruin the uniform look of your beautiful leather sofa.

Purchase Extra Protection With Our Furniture Covers

Even if you keep your sofa in good condition with our maintenance tips, there are some instances where you might need a sofa cover, this includes parties. You could also have a home with pets, in which case the cover will protect the material against animal hair. At Spotlight, you will find sofa colours in various designs and colours. So, the use of such a cover does not have to ruin your interior design.



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