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Don't stash your art away in the cupboard - use art easels, canvas stands and art folders to display it for all the world to admire.

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How to beautifully present your artwork

While art easels are a key painting tool, they can also double as presentation stands for displaying your finished works. Whatever the style of easel you may choose, make sure it's one that can support the dimensions of your canvas and overall weight.

Lyre (or A-frame) and French Box easels are the conventional A-shaped, triangular painting easels, which are ideal for displaying small, medium and medium-to-large canvases. H-frame easels tend to offer a bit more stability than Lyre easels, which means they're perfect for showcasing larger canvases.

With small-scale painted and drawn artworks, table top easels are hard to beat. They come in Lyre and H-frame, and they're easily transportable - great for students or anyone who wants a more portable art easel.

In terms of portability, purpose-made art portfolio cases or portfolio folders enable you to present your artworks, designs and presentations elegantly and without damaging them. Art portfolios are perfect for students who may wish to take a body of work to potential employers or for university interviews and assessments.

All the art supplies you need

Painting canvases and art boards

Canvases and art boards make it easy to produce amazing works of art in no time - available in single and bulk packs for beginners and professionals alike.

Drawing supplies and equipment

From professionals to scribblers, choose from drawing supplies and equipment designed to bring out the creative in everyone.

Paints and painting supplies

Professional and hobby grade acrylic, oil and watercolour paints - and accessories like brushes and brush sets, resins, sketch boxes, containers and retarders - are just some of paints and painting supplies available to you.

Art and paint sets

Looking for a simple and cost-effective way to experiment with quality watercolours, acrylics, oils, pastels, brush types or drawing pencils without blowing your budget? Look no further than art and paint sets.

Fluid art and acrylic paint pouring supplies

Fluid art and acrylic paint pouring supplies - including pouring resins for pooling, puddling and marbling effects in gloss or matte finishes - will help you dive into the fine art of paint pouring with success.

Aerosol paint and spray paint varnishes

Restore pre-loved furniture with ease, or give your projects some unique finishing effects, with spray paints and varnishes that will make your art or home d├ęcor pop.

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