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Learn how to make beautiful clothing, accessories and toys with Spotlight's extensive range of knitting & crochet patterns. Discover easy to follow instructions with individual patterns or a compilation of designs from our selection of knitting & crochet books. Whether you're learning a new craft or are a seasoned artist, the right patterns will help you create beautifully finished pieces from start to finish. At Spotlight you can find knitting and crochet patterns for baby clothes, granny squares, beanies, soft toys and jumpers to suit a wide range of skill levels. Our selection of craft books also includes macrame patterns and embroidery stitch designs to appeal to every needle art and yarn artist. If you're a beginner you can learn how to knit or crochet with our instructional books, while advanced crafters can discover brand new challenges with any of our knit, craft & crochet patterns.

Knitting, Craft & Crochet Patterns FAQs

What's a good beginner's knitting or crochet project?

Once you have mastered the basics of how to make stitches, cast on and cast off, it's time to get creative! Blankets made from granny squares, cushions and scarves are all fantastic projects to get you knitting or crocheting, as they are worked flat. Creating shaped clothing or objects by increasing/decreasing stitches can be a challenging process for beginners. Once you have knitted or crocheted a few simple squares you can start learning new skills like changing yarn colour and combining different stitches to make patterns and textures.

How to read a knitting pattern or crochet pattern

  1. The first step in interpreting a crochet pattern or knitting instructions is to source the correct yarn and needle type. Knitting and crochet patterns will always mention the type of yarn that is most suitable for the pattern in question, as well as the best needle or hook size to create the best results.
  2. The pattern will then describe how to create the work row by row, detailing yarn colour, number of stitches and the stitch type, using abbreviations to provide concise instructions.
  3. Be sure to read any details on how to work the piece and any special abbreviations the designer uses for stitches - if they are unfamiliar, try working a small sample of the stitches before commencing the final work.
  4. Patterns for garments will often include different size options. Each size will require a different number of stitches for each row, which are listed in ascending order in brackets. Circle or highlight the number of stitches you need to work so you don't get confused!

It can take quite a bit of practice to familiarise yourself with reading crochet patterns and knitting patterns, so don't worry if it looks like another language when you start. Take your time, read the instructions multiple times, work sample pieces, make your own notes and highlight relevant sections before getting started.

What is amigurumi?

Amigurumi is the name given to the Japanese craft of crocheting small stuffed toys. Popular amigurumi designs include dolls, animals and play food, but can include just about anything small, colourful and cute. The word amigurumi literally means crocheted stuffed toy in Japanese. At Spotlight we have a wonderful selection of amigurumi patterns to get you creating adorable small soft toys. You can also find great inspiration in our design files blog, where we interview Chloe from EMI Creations on how she creates her adorable amigurumi toys and patterns.


If you're looking for a beanie knitting pattern, cardigan knitting pattern, crochet booties pattern or want to learn how to crochet a granny square, Spotlight has you covered! Our range of knitting, craft & crochet patterns caters to all skill levels and will help you create beautiful yarn art from start to finish. Shop the range online and enjoy the convenience of home delivery, or head into your local Spotlight store to explore the selection of yarn, wool, crochet hooks, knitting needles, and embroidery & needlecraft supplies in person. You can also find an extensive selection of FREE online knitting & crochet projects to inspire your next creations. Don't forget, Spotlight VIPs can take advantage of exclusive benefits and discounts so make sure you sign up today!



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