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Learn Everything You Need To Know About Sewing Thread!

Thread can come in various colours, sizes, and materials. Crafters who want a dedicated thread for a project will have little problems finding something suitable. That being said, various types of threads can have a variety of properties, so it is a good idea to get familiar with the types of thread in existence.

Crafters who want to know more about thread can check out our useful guide below. In this guide, you will not only learn more about the materials used in thread, you will also learn about the different ways thread can be constructed.

What Are The Different Thread Constructions Available And How To They Influence Thread Properties?

When it comes down to the construction of the thread, you will encounter spun, textured, filament, monofilament, and bonded thread. Below, we have explained each type in a little more detail.

Spun thread usually consists of cotton and polyester fibres. These fibres are spun into a single yarn and then twisted together to form the thread. Spun thread is also one of the most common and most affordable types of thread.

Another option is textured thread, which can be made from polyester and nylon. Textured thread is always made mechanically, this gives the thread a fuzzy appearance and a little bit of stretch.

Filament thread is a thread that is characterised by its shiny appearance. It can be made from the usual polyester, but also from materials such as rayon and nylon. You can also encounter monofilament, which consists of a single filament made from either polyester or nylon.

Finally, you can choose bonded thread, which is one of the stronger threads in existence. Bonded thread is covered with resin on the exterior of the thread. Because of the strength, this type of thread is often used for heavy duty fabrics and upholstery projects.

What Are The Most Common Thread Types I Will Encounter As A Crafter?

One of the most common threads you will encounter as a crafter is the cotton thread. As is the case with cotton, the material can create thread of various quality levels, e.g. if you are looking for the best cotton thread in existence, thread made from Egyptian long staple cotton will be best. Of course, this will reflect on the price of the thread.

Cotton thread has a bunch of benefits, which explains why it is used so often by crafters. Cotton thread is strong, has a mild sheen on it, and can easily create a tight seem.

When you work with cotton thread, it is important to remember that determining the quality of cotton thread can be somewhat difficult. Therefore, it is best to get this type of thread from a recognised seller to ensure good quality.

Another option that crafters have is the spun polyester thread. Polyester thread is known for its strength and reduced puckering. However, there is one minor downside to polyester, as it can have a low amount of lint.

When you want to work with something slightly different, you can also work with rayon thread. The thread is soft to the touch and has a high sheen, this makes it stand out a little more in various projects. However, there are some downsides to rayon, one of the most notable downsides a lack of colourfastness.

Crafters who prefer synthetic threads due to its lower price could also consider a nylon thread. However, we do need to mention that nylon is not suitable for embroidery or quilting, mainly because the material can fray quite easily. So, if you do want to sew other projects with nylon thread, always choose the bonded version over the monofilament for additional strength.

Which Thread Can I Obtain From Spotlight?

Spotlight provides all sorts of thread you can think of. We provide the basics such as cotton thread and polyester thread, but also nylon stretch, bead thread, and loads more. So, if you still need some thread for your sewing project, be sure to take advantage of the high quality and low prices at Spotlight.

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