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Find The Right Sewing Threads For Every Project At Spotlight

Sewing threads are an essential haberdashery item for most textile-based creations. Whether you're a budding fashion designer, quilter, or are just looking to do some clothes mending, Spotlight has you covered with a huge selection of sewing threads for every project. Whether you're hand sewing, machine sewing, overlocking or embroidering you'll need to use the appropriate sewing thread for your equipment, project and materials. At Spotlight, you can find cotton sewing threads, polyester sewing threads and overlocking threads as well as specialist sewing threads like metallic threads, extra strong threads, linen threads, silk threads, invisible thread and so much more. Explore the range of sewing threads with Spotlight and unleash your creativity today!

What Are The Different Types Of Sewing Threads?

When it comes to choosing the right sewing thread for your creations it can sometimes be hard to know where to start! You might select your thread based on fibre content, or perhaps by end-use. When it comes to composition, common options are polyester sewing thread or cotton sewing thread. Choose polyester threads for their strength, durability and colour fastness. High-quality cotton threads are a popular choice for quilters who like to match the thread fibre to the cotton fabrics used in their creation.

Alternatively, select your threads based on end use and your project requirements. Choose Extra Strong threads which are designed for sewing through heavy-duty fabrics like denim, canvas, leather and upholstery fabrics. At Spotlight, you can also find:

  • Embroidery Threads: If you're creating your own motifs with embroidery machines then the correct thread is an absolute essential. Embroidery thread is finer than regular sewing thread, with a 2 ply construction that helps to create a smooth finish to your embroidered creations.
  • Overlocking Threads: Overlocking thread is a specialist thread specifically designed for use in overlockers. It's typically lighter in weight than standard sewing thread to minimise bulk on your overlocked seams. Overlocking thread is also strong to withstand the high operating speed of overlockers, and comes in large spools of 2000m or more.
  • Thread Value & Gift Packs: If you're looking to set up a sewing kit or are looking for a great gift idea for a keen sewist, then Spotlight has you covered with our selection of value thread packs. Discover thread value packs with a range of basic colours or large packs with every colour of the rainbow!

Sewing Threads FAQs

How to colour-match sewing thread to your fabric

To get the closest thread colour match to your fabric, unwind a small section of the thread off the spool and lay it over the top of the fabric. Quite often the colour of the thread can appear a little different in shade when condensed onto the spool. If you have printed fabric, choose a thread shade that is neutral and will tone in with most of the colours in the textile. Alternatively, colour match your thread to the predominant colour or background colour of the printed design.

What thread do you use in a sewing machine?

Not all sewing threads are created equal. It goes without saying that regular cotton or polyester sewing threads should only ever be used in your sewing machine - never overlocking thread! Whether you're using a mechanical sewing machine or a computerised sewing machine, you should always choose a high-quality thread for your sewing projects. Cheaper threads are not as tightly spun and sometimes use shorter staple lengths of fibres. This means that over time your sewing machine can become jammed with fluff and fibre, affecting the operation and stitch quality of your machine.

What's the strongest thread for hand sewing?

The strongest thread you need for any hand-sewing project will be one that matches the type of fabric you're sewing through - for example, if you're hand-sewing thick denim then heavy-duty or extra-strong thread is the ideal option. There's nothing wrong with using thread suited to use in sewing machines for hand sewing, as it's typically more durable than other threads. Likewise, be sure to use the appropriate hand-sewing needle size and style to suit your thread and fabric type - this will make sewing much easier and yield much better-finished results.

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