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Top Tips When Sewing With Lace

Even though lace has been around for many centuries, the material remains remarkably popular among many crafters. One of the crafts where lace is often used is sewing. Evidently, sewing with lace is not as straightforward as with some other fabrics. So, let's provide you with some tips on how to use lace in sewing like a pro.

Do I Need To Prepare Lace Like Other Fabrics?

If you have quite a bit of experience with sewing, you already know that most fabrics need to be pre-washed before you start sewing with them. The reason for that is quite straightforward, as some pre-bought fabrics can shrink during their first wash. By washing them beforehand, you prevent shrinking in your sewn item, which could ruin its overall look.

Lace fabrics must be pre-washed before they can be used in your sewing project. Firstly, it is necessary to wash the lace beforehand because it becomes easier to work with once it has been washed. However, you should never place it in the washing machine and only handwash lace.

When pre-washing lace, it is recommended to use a gentle detergent and some lukewarm water. Please do not wring out the lace, as this could easily damage its delicate nature. Instead, you can gently squeeze the lace and leave it to air dry.

How Do I Find The Right Side Of Lace?

Once you start working with lace in your sewing project, you will find that there is a right and wrong side of the fabric. Generally, the right side refers to the front of your fabric, this means that the wrong side is the back.

Now, it is easy to identify the right and wrong side on most pieces of lace. Having said that, there are some exceptions. If you find it difficult, use a magnifier to examine the differences between the fabric and mark the wrong side with some simple chalk. This will provide you with a continuous overview of the right and wrong side as you move through your project.

How Do I Remove Wrinkles From Lace Fabric Before Sewing?

Even though many lace pieces are quite delicate, you can easily iron them. Ironing your lace before sewing is advised, as wrinkles could cause problems with the alignment of your sewing project.

If you are worried that you might damage the lace during the ironing process, you can counter this problem by covering the lace with a thin towel. However, always make sure that your lace is laying flat underneath and that there are no corners turned down. If you iron it incorrectly, it may take you a lot longer to iron out any mistakes.

Can I Cut Lace?

There are some sewing projects that may require you to cut lace. As you may have guessed, you need to take special care when cutting lace. Most lace pieces have a bunch of design elements on the lace, so you do not want to cut through those. Instead, cut around the edges of the respective design. If you were to cut through the design, it could damage the lace and unravel the entire piece.

Which Lining Fabric Can I Choose For Lace?

You can combine lace with lots of different lining fabrics, although there are some things to avoid. One of the things that is not recommended in combination with lace is a printed lining fabric. While some designers manage to combine them, combining a lining fabric pattern with the exquisite design of lace is extremely difficult. Since lace can be more expensive, it is necessary to plan your design beforehand to avoid problems.

There are some popular lining fabrics you could easily combine with lace though, this includes satin. Cotton can also be used as a more affordable alternative, but satin tends to provide the best result.

An Exquisite Lace Selection At Spotlight

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