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How Do I Set Up My Craft Room?

Once you have acquired your basic crafting supplies for an excellent price at Spotlight, you can start setting up your craft room. But what are some of the things you need to take into consideration when creating a craft room? And how do you get the most from the space available? These recommendations from Spotlight are sure to help you!

What Is The First Thing To Do When Setting Up A Craft Room?

You may have considered your layout already, but there is something very important you must consider before you place anything into your crafting room, more specifically the lighting! Is there a window in the crafting room that can provide you with some essential light? How much artificial light is present and how can you take advantage of it?

If you are fortunate enough to have a window in your crafting room, you may want to consider placing your crafting desk right in front of it. The window will provide you with all the light you need during the day. At night, you can add some additional light by using a simple desk light.

Do you solely have artificial lighting in your crafting room? If so, you want to position your crafting table as close as you can to the light source. If this is impossible, you may want to consider adding more artificial light to get the appropriate amount of light on your crafting table.

What Is The Second Thing To Do When Setting Up A Craft Room?

The second thing to do when setting up your craft room is looking at your storage solutions. Depending on the type of craft you are doing, you will need some dedicated storage options. For example, you may want a place where you can display your fabrics or somewhere to store all the beads and pearls you use for jewellery making.

In addition to the large storage solutions, it is also a good idea to look at some wall-mounted options where you can store tools such as scissors, glue, and other common crafting supplies you will regularly need. If you do not like a wall-mounted option, you can also choose a sectioned drawer where you can easily access your crafting tools.

When you set up a craft room, you also want to look at shelves. You will find a lot of use for shelves, whether it is to display jars with buttons or your dedicated pincushions. Of course, you must remember that these supplies will be in plain view. Therefore, one should only store items that do not make the room appear too cluttered.

What Is The Third Thing To Do When Setting Up A Craft Room?

If you have enough space in your crafting room, it can be a good idea to consider additional countertops. When you work on certain projects, you often need a large amount of workspace, this can especially make it easier if you are constructing something with different parts.

When looking at countertops for your crafting room, make sure you incorporate your actual height. Countertops come in a standard size, but they can be adjusted to fit your height more accurately. Subsequently, you will have less problems with neck and back strain.

If you have enough space, you might also consider dividing the space you have into different working areas. For example, if you are working with fabrics, you could designate one area for cutting fabrics, a second for sewing, and a third to put your finished design on a mannequin. It comes down to your own discretion.

Which Basic Crafting Supplies Should I Get For My New Crafting Room?

Spotlight stocks a variety of basic crafting supplies, which you can acquire to fill up your new crafting room. From patterned paper to labels, glitter, scissors, and anything else that might make your project a lot more appealing.

When selecting your basic crafting supplies, try to keep in mind which craft you will be doing. For example, if you will be doing some tailoring, you should focus on tailor-related supplies such as fabric scissors, thread, fabrics, and the like. Still, whatever craft you will be doing, you are bound to find it at Spotlight.



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