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When it comes to home lighting, desk lamps and table lamps can really transform a room in the evenings. A table lamp is commonly used for ambient or accent light, or as a decorative device positioned to brighten dark corners and add to the atmosphere of a room at night or overcast days. Table lights come in many amazing shapes, sizes and styles to reflect every possible interior design scheme. Some even feature cutouts in the shade to cast interesting shadows on walls and furniture. Table lamps can be used in a variety of rooms and spaces such as on your bedside table, entry table, coffee table or desk.

Table Lamps FAQs

How to clean a lampshade?

Between grubby hands and attracting all manner of insects, lampshades can get dirty and become a silent health hazard sitting in the corner of your room. However, with regular cleaning, you not only give your lamp shades longer life but you keep them hygienic too.

  • How to clean fabric lamp shades: Remove as much dust as possible with a vacuum cleaner (if the shade is sturdy) or a lint roller (if the shade is delicate). For fabrics glued to the wireframe, you can immerse the entire shade in cold, soapy water but do not leave it there to soak. Rinse thoroughly with cold water, pat dry then air-dry further until it's ready to reattach to the lamp.
  • How to clean plastic lampshades: Use a microfiber cloth to dust inside and out. If the lamp is particularly dirty, you can wash it in a sink with warm, soapy water and then wipe dry.

How to style lamps?

Styling lamps in your home can give it a modern ambient look. There are a few ways to style lamps in your home, for a statement piece, choose a printed lamp such as a floral lamp shade or textured lamp shade. To add a soft touch to your room, choose a simple lamp that matches your home decor colour and aesthetic.

What light bulb do I need for my lamp?

Always read the package information for specific instructions on which light bulb would suit your lamps. You can also choose the brightness of the light bulb to suit your needs.

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