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Create A Homely Space With Functional Side Tables And Planter Tables

Promote functionality in your space with a side table. Perfect for elevating your home styling, side tables will have you displaying your decorative pieces with a sense of elegance. In addition to enhancing your styling experience, side tables also provide a place to rest your cup of coffee while watching television in bed or on the sofa. Planter tables may also act as side tables, coordinating with your living space. Traditionally, these tables are used to display greenery and elevate your botanical arrangement. With charming designs, these planter tables are stunning decorative pieces that will have you admiring their functionality and craftsmanship.

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A side table with storage is one that is sure to be a valuable addition to any room it's placed in. It allows you to declutter the surface with your belongings for those wanting to create a minimalist-inspired style of décor. Side tables are available in a range of sizes, some with drawers or shelves that assists in helping you organise your space while still contributing to your home styling.

Side Tables FAQs

How to decorate a side table?

For those who want to use their side table as a side coffee table, less is more. Keeping it plain and simple with a few coasters to prevent condensation from your table will go a long way and allows you to easily rest your coffee or tea down without having to clear off any décor pieces. This allows you to establish a clear and minimalist decor style.

Side tables are not just incredibly practical, but also fashionable. Utilise side tables as a base for displaying decorative objects relevant to your home styling to create a showcase of art. You could also opt to display photo frames of your favourite memories, photos or prints for a more personal approach to incorporating art into your space.

Bring a sense of nature to your space by using your side table to display artificial floristry and greenery. Perfect for bringing a subtle earthy charm, this arrangement is sure to breathe new life into any space. Ultimately, using a side table to display a table lamp is the perfect pairing. It elevates the table lap while providing additional lighting to your space. This is perfect for bedsides and darker corners of your home.

Where should you position side tables?

  • In your bedroom: For side tables in your bedroom, position matching side tables on both sides of your bed to create a balanced sanctuary. This also allows you to easily access your belongings from either side of your bed while also providing a place to display table lamps for accessible lighting when resting in bed. Side tables also add the perfect finishing touch to your bedroom makeover, complementing your bedhead with ease.
  • In your living room: When positioning side tables in your living room, it's important to consider their distance from seating arrangements. Displaying side tables directly next to sofas and armchairs provides a functional approach to decorating. This positioning allows you to showcase decorative pieces while also providing a surface for you to rest remotes, cups and books upon when not in use.
  • In your entranceway: Side tables are not limited to your bedroom or living room. They may also be positioned in your entranceway. This acts as a perfect storage solution to place your essentials when coming home after running errands. It also provides the last checkpoint for making sure you have all your necessary belongings together before leaving your home.

What features of plant tables should I look for?

When using plant tables to display your artificial plants, consider a flat surface to seamlessly place your plant without worry of it falling off. It's important to ensure your planter tables feature a sturdy base with strong legs to limit the worry of being accidentally knocked over. For those wanting to add depth to their space, consider shopping planter tables at various heights to create a layered arrangement.

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