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The right art sets, art kits, paint sets and drawing sets are the starting point for making all your creative dreams come true.

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All the essentials you need to make art

Art sets and drawing supplies are excellent for bringing out the creativity in anyone. Their all-in-one versatility means you get great value for refining your skills while experimenting with various mediums to find out what you enjoy working with the most.

Following is a run-down of the different sets available but you should also read our comprehensive guides for choosing paints and choosing paint brushes before taking the leap. If selecting art supplies for the younger artists in the family, take a look at our guide on choosing kids craft essentials.


The weapon of choice for many artists, acrylic paint sets produce deep, vivid colours. Quick-drying and water-soluble, they're an affordable way to begin your painting journey.


A truly versatile medium, pastel is ideal for beginners because it requires almost no preparation, allows for greater tactile control and can be easily corrected when mistakes are made.


Watercolours produce unique painting effects that oils and acrylic-based paints just can't replicate. Free of harsh chemicals, watercolour art sets provide outstanding value-for-money and offer no-fuss clean-up, which makes them ideal for children.


Markers, calligraphy and art pen sets are popular across a range of art forms. Choose from water, oil and solvent-based coloured markers, fabric markers, brush markers for dramatic, flowing lines, as well as a wide range of tip sizes and flexibility ratings and paint pens in a range of vibrant colours for working on dark or coloured surfaces, as well as windows and mirrors.

Brushes and tools

Make your works come alive with quality sponges and brushes of varying widths and sizes for painting with acrylics, oils and watercolours.

Paper and canvas

From basic drawing paper to charcoal and bristol paper - not to forget regular and pre-stretched canvases - your visual art will take on different forms depending on the surfaces you choose to use.

Tips for getting started with your art kit

Putting your paint and painting supplies to work doesn't mean creating the Mona Lisa with your first project. It's just as exciting to start small and build on the quality of your artwork as your skills and confidence increase.

An excellent first step is to compile an art pad or visual diary for your ideas and painting inspirations. You might then like to try watercolours to experiment with different brush widths and paper grades. Paint some scenery, leafy collages or a rainy street image. When you run low on watercolours, all you need to do is add more water to extend your paint supply.

If you're not yet skilled with freehand drawing, use marker pens and pencils with tracing paper to trace over photos or magazine images, then colour them in to practice solid line drawing and definition. If you want to jump into acrylics, have fun messing around with their vibrant colours and patterns by creating hot air balloon designs.

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