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Create DIY blackout curtains with blockout curtain fabrics from Spotlight. Discover a range of stylish designs to insulate your home & keep sunlight out.

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Discover Stylish Blockout Curtain Fabrics At Spotlight

If you're thinking of making your own curtains then exploring Spotlight's range of blockout curtain fabrics is a wonderful start! Also referred to as blackout curtain fabric, blockout fabric offers fabulous light-blocking and insulating properties to any DIY curtain creation. At Spotlight, you can find plain, textured and patterned blackout curtain fabrics in a great selection of colours and widths. The blockout curtain fabric range also includes cut, hem & hang curtain fabrics, which make it super easy to make your own curtains. It comes complete with heading tape or eyelets, and is supplied in super wide widths to run down the length of your windows. As the name suggests, all you need to do is cut it to size, hem it, and then install it!

Create Your Own Curtains For A Unique Style Statement

Making your own curtains is a wonderful way to personalise your home decor. By creating your own custom window furnishings, you can fully control the amount of gathering and fullness in the curtain, as well as the overall style, colour and finishing. You can find everything you need at Spotlight to make your own curtains, including curtain heading tapes, sewing threads, scissors and even sewing machines! Explore our selection of DIY curtain projects online for some great inspiration, tips and tricks.

Blockout Curtain Fabric FAQs

How does blockout fabric keep out the sun?

Many curtain fabrics feature an acrylic coating that's applied to the reverse side of the fabric. This creates a barrier that covers the tiny spaces in the weave of the fabric, and prevents light and air passing through the curtain into your home. Blockout curtain fabrics and blockout curtain linings are also referred to as '3 pass', meaning there are three layers of coating applied to the fabric.

How to wash blockout curtain fabric

The acrylic coating applied to blockout curtain fabric means that you need to be a little careful when it comes to laundering. The recommended method is to wash by hand in cool or cold water. Don't rub or wring the fabric, and don't allow it to soak for any extended amount of time. Most importantly, hang your blockout curtains to dry without the coated sides touching, as they can be prone to sticking together.

How much blockout curtain fabric do I need to make curtains?

The amount of fabric you need will depend on the width and height of your windows, and how much gathering (fullness) you intend on featuring in the finished design. If you are not using cut, hem & hang fabric, you may need to create the required curtain width using 2 or more panels (known as 'drops'). Spotlight has a handy free curtain fabric calculation project which you can use to work out the amount of curtain fabric needed for any size window and fabric width.

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Discover a huge range of curtain fabrics at Spotlight for all your DIY curtain creations! We also have blackout curtain linings which you can pair with uncoated curtain fabrics to create your own blockout curtains. Explore the selection of room darkening curtain fabrics, sheer curtain fabrics and thermal curtain fabrics for all your window covering needs. Make sure you check out our free curtain projects online for tips, tricks and inspiration as well! We have everything you need to DIY your curtains at a low price, our handy guides on how to measure your windows and how to hang curtains have all the information you need to transform your home with beautiful curtains. Shop the complete range online or in-store, and sign up as a Spotlight VIP member too for exclusive access to sales events and prices today!



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