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How To Select The Right Wadding For Your Crafting Project

There is much wadding you can choose these days, as it comes in various materials and fabric fibres. But which wadding is right for your project? Today, we look at options made from both natural and manmade fabric fibres, so you can make an informed decision in the Spotlight catalogue.

Which Natural Fabric Fibres Are Best For Wadding?

Almost all natural fabric fibres are used for wadding these days. Of course, each natural fabric fibre has its specific properties and benefits. Being familiar with these properties will help you to select the right wadding for your project.

Cotton: This natural fabric fibre is an extremely popular choice for quilters. Wadding made from 100% cotton is known for its softness and easy maintenance. On top of that it is also easy to sew with, which certainly comes in handy for those quilting projects.

When you choose cotton, do not forget that this material tends to shrink. So, while it is a brilliant choice for bed quilts, do not use it for wall decorations. While you can prewash cotton wadding, there will always be some form of shrinkage over time.

Wool: If you are making a quilt for more than just decorating purposes, you may want to look at wool. Not only is this a durable natural fabric fibre, it also has outstanding temperature regulating properties. So, if you want to make sure the recipient of your quilt does not get too warm or too cold, this is the material to use.

One consideration for wool is that some people can be allergic. So, make sure not to choose this material for anyone that has allergies.

Silk: Yes, there is wadding out there that is made from silk. It is a hypoallergenic material too, which means you do not have to worry about allergies when you use this wadding. On the flipside, silk is a lot more expensive than other natural fabric fibres.

Which Manmade Fabric Fibres Are Best For Wadding?

When it comes down to manmade wadding, you have a world of options. Like natural materials, manmade wadding comes with its own range of advantages and disadvantages. These are some of the main things you should know about common types of manmade wadding.

Polyester: If your quilt cannot be too heavy, then polyester is the perfect choice. In addition to being lightweight, polyester is also extremely affordable. Subsequently, this type of wadding is a great choice for beginners and anyone on a budget.

While polyester is durable and affordable, it does not have the temperature regulating qualities of silk and wool. However, you do get a bunch of other advantages in return, this includes the durability we mentioned earlier. In addition to that, polyester is also hypoallergenic.

Recycled plastic: Do you ever wonder where those used plastic bottles go? Well, some of them are used to make wadding. If you are looking to go eco-friendly, then choosing recycle plastic wadding may be the way to go.

You may not expect it, but recycled plastic wadding is remarkably soft and comfortable as wadding. It is a little more expensive than standard polyester though, but you get an eco-friendlier option in return.

Other Wadding Materials To Consider

We already mentioned manmade materials and natural materials, but you can also choose a blend of these fabric fibres. Manufacturers often use a combination of manmade and natural materials. By using this combination, they can provide crafters with the benefits of both natural and manmade fabric fibres.

When choosing wadding materials that are made with natural and manmade materials, keep in mind that the blend ratio is important. For example, a blend of 20% cotton and 80% polyester will have different properties than 80% cotton and 20% polyester. So, always look at the ratio and make sure that your preferred material makes up the highest percentage of the wadding.

Are you looking for specific wadding that is affordable and provides all the properties you need? Look no further than the Spotlight catalogue! Our catalogue is packed with amazing options for an affordable price. Since there is always a deal to be found in our wadding section, be sure to check out the range today.



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