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Spotlight provides the full range of craft glues for all sorts of different projects and applications. From hot glue guns and glue gun stick refills to fabric glue and glitter glue, discover the huge array of glues for your project right here. Whether you need a strong bond or looking to do some fun kids' craft, Spotlight stocks quality glue from leading brands such as Elmers, UHU, Scotch, Bostik and more so you can get great products with great value.

Craft Glue FAQs

What is the most versatile craft glue for the hobby room?

When it comes to versatility, it does not get much better than a PVA glue. PVA is a glue that can be used for many different materials. From paper and fabric to wood and other materials, they are all things you can use PVA glue for. It is also worth noting that you can find different types of PVA glue. For example, you can find school PVA glue, which is a safe glue for kids to work with. It is a popular occurrence in the school classroom and therefore often used during crafting projects at school. In addition to school glue, you can also find PVA glue for fabrics. This particular version is completely waterproof, which means fabrics can be washed after gluing and the bond will remain. This once again shows the outstanding versatility of this kind of glue.

What is the strongest glue for crafting projects?

If you are looking for a long-term, strong, and permanent bond, you may want to look into glue guns. The glue gun is suitable for those projects that require a little more strength, but also a quick-drying and strong application. Of course, the glue gun is not a suitable crafting solution for everyone. The hot glue gun is a primary example of this, as it is not safe to use for children. Even adults have to take special care when using a glue gun, as improper use could cause burns and other injuries. Still, once you become proficient at handling a glue gun, there is almost no limit to the applications it has. You could use this for model and furniture building, but also home decoration projects. So, this particular glue has applications far beyond the hobby room.

What are the safest craft glues for kids?

School PVA glue can be a safe option for kids, although some parents find that this glue is a little messier than they would like. If this is the case, then you can look at the traditional glue stick, something you undoubtedly used in your childhood as well. Glue sticks are easy to use and relatively mess-free, which is a nice surprise for parents who want their kids to enjoy crafting, just without all the messy glue. Of course, the glue stick still has applications for adults' crafts too, this includes scrapbooking and cardmaking. So, adult crafters tend to have a couple of glue sticks in their home too.

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Spotlight provides the full range of glues, including the types of glue mentioned above. Of course, there are many other types of glue available, which we have not discussed in detail today - this includes glue dots, double-sided tape, Mod Podge, and so much more.

Check out Spotlight's range of glue today and find some amazing deals. With Spotlight's range of glue, you will have your craft room restocked in minimal time. Discover the entire range of craft supplies at Spotlight including craft paint, coloured paper, craft glitter and more essentials today. Shop online and enjoy the convenience of home delivery, or visit your nearest store to browse the range in person. Spotlight is here to help you Create, Decorate and Celebrate everyday!



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