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Learn All You Need To Know About Coffee Grinding!

Even though instant coffee has conquered many households, there is nothing quite like a fresh cup of coffee you have grinded yourself. Of course, there are some important things you need to know about coffee grinding to get the best grind possible. So, if you would like to get better at grinding coffee, be sure to read on.

Why Should I Never Grind Coffee Long Beforehand?

Grinding coffee beforehand is never a good idea. Leaving a grind out for too long can cause the beans to become stale. This is also the reason why you should store coffee beans in an airtight container.

What Are The Different Types Of Coffee Grinders?

You can find different types of coffee grinders today and they all have their own set of benefits. Below, we have listed the most common types of coffee grinders and their respective benefits.

The blade grinder – Blade grinders are counted among the most affordable coffee grinders on the market. So, if you do not have the budget for the more advanced coffee grinders, then this is a good place to start.

It does need to be said that blade grinders are not always that precise. They basically roughly cut your beans, so grind consistency can be a bit of a problem. Some blade grinders can also have motors that run hot too fast, which can destroy your entire blend.

Of course, beginners have to start somewhere, and you do not want to spend a fortune on the most advanced coffee grinder if you do not know how to use it yet. So, the blade grinder is an excellent place to start.

The burr grinder – Once you have become familiar with grinding, you could upgrade your blade grinder to the burr grinder. As you may suspect, burr grinders are more precise than blade grinders.

There are various types of burr grinders you can encounter these days. The conical burr grinder is quite a popular choice, quickly followed by the flat disk grinder. If you are looking for the most even blend, then the flat disk grinder is the recommended choice. Conical burr grinders are good too, but they can be more expensive. However, their motor does not get too warm, so it leaves your coffee intact.

The hand grinder – If you do not trust motors as much and don’t mind putting in a little bit of effort, you could choose a hand grinder instead. The only downside to this type of grinder is that you need to put in a lot of force to get even a small cup of coffee. So, if you drink several brews a day, you may want to switch to the motor version.

What Are The Different Types Of Grinds?

You can make coffee with various grinds. Below you will find the grinds you can create and their benefits.

Coarse coffee grind – You will use this kind of grind if you want to create a French press cup of coffee. If you brew with a percolator, this is also the recommended option.

Medium coffee grind – A medium coffee grind can be compared to normal granulated sugar. This type of grind is mostly used in drip coffee machines. Please note that you can use medium grinds for most types of coffee, but they do not work well at all for espresso.

Fine coffee grind – When you want to make an espresso, you should make a fine grind. As you may suspect, fine coffee grinds work really well in espresso makers and Italian flip drips. You can also use the fine grind for a regular filter brew.

Pulverised coffee grind – The pulverised grind is a lot more unusual than medium coffee grind, fine coffee grind, and coarse coffee grind. That being said, pulverised flower is brilliant for Turkish coffees.

As pulverised coffee grind is quite the specialist grind, you will not be able to achieve this grind without a specialist grinder. So, if you are a big fan of Turkish coffee, be sure to get the accompanying grinder for pulverised coffee grind.

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