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Elevate your home decor with framed prints at Spotlight. Shop framed wall art in a range of artistic styles & frame designs to suit any decorating theme.

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Refresh Your Home With Elegant Framed Prints At Spotlight

Spotlight has a huge selection of framed prints that will appeal to every style and home decorating theme. Explore a variety of different art styles ranging from abstract art, patterned motifs and traditional figurative imagery including illustrations and photographic reproductions. For children's bedrooms and playrooms, we have framed prints that feature superheroes and cartoon characters. Our framed prints come in a variety of sizes so you won't have any problem finding pieces that will fit on any empty space on your walls. Whether you're planning on creating a gallery wall in your home, or are simply looking for a small artwork to brighten your office, Spotlight's selection of framed prints offers a range of stylish options to elevate your decor.

Explore A Range Of Frame Styles To Suit Every Decor Style

The frame of your printed artwork can be a great way to enhance your decorating efforts. Choose from wide frames to create a bold style statement or a slender frame for a more refined look. The material and colour of the frame are also important considerations, providing you with an extra design element to coordinate with your existing decorating theme.

Black frames or metallic frames are a great way to highlight your chosen artwork, whereas timber-toned frames are ideal for traditional decorating styles or creating a Scandi chic vibe. White frames can be modern and minimalist, especially when placed against a white or neutral-coloured wall. For an eclectic look, consider mixing and matching different frame types on a gallery wall of framed prints. You can also choose frames that contrast with your wall colours to truly make your chosen wall art pop!

Framed Prints FAQs

Framed prints vs canvas prints: what's the difference?

As the name suggests, the key difference lies in how the artwork is mounted. Canvas prints are stretched over a concealed timber frame, whereas a framed print is placed inside the mounting frame. This means that the frame becomes part of the wall art itself. Framed prints can be produced on a range of materials including paper, canvas and MDF.

Are framed prints or canvas prints better for my decor?

Canvas wall art is a great option for large spaces and more modern home interior styles. Framed prints or framed canvases are perfect for elevating more traditional home interiors, and give you the additional option of using the frame's colour and texture to coordinate with your existing decorating themes.

How to hang framed prints

There are a number of ways to secure your framed prints to your walls. Many frames come with a wire and D rings secured to the reverse. If not, you can add these yourself - just remember to make sure that the wire is correctly weight-rated for your frame. Wall art is the most secure when the picture hooks are screwed into wall studs. If you're renting or prefer to not drill into your walls, choose adhesive hooks with an adequate weight rating and be sure to follow the installation instructions on the pack.

Shop Elegant Framed Prints & Framed Canvases At Spotlight

Refresh your home interior with a wonderful selection of framed prints at Spotlight. Discover a great selection of printed wall art complete with decorative frames that will enhance your decor. Spotlight's wall art also includes canvas prints and wall plaques & hangings that are perfect for introducing colour, texture and style into your home or office. Get inspired for your wall art makeover with styling tips and tricks in our how to hang wall art at home article.

Shop framed prints and wall art online at Spotlight today, and enjoy the convenience of home delivery for your purchases. You can also shop in-store at your nearest Spotlight where our friendly team members can help you find the perfect match for your home. Don't forget to sign up as a Spotlight VIP member to enjoy exclusive discount prices, early sales alerts and more great benefits.



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