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Make beautiful individually crafted items from the pre-cut quilting fabrics available at Spotlight. With hundreds of fabrics to choose from, including Christmas designs and colourful designs for kids, you can make a whole range of projects using fat flats, fabric panels, iron on fabric and more. Mix and match individual fat flats (also known as fat quarters, approx. 50 x 52 cm each) at great prices in coordinated bundles, or choose from several complete quilt kits. Also in this range, find quilted book kits to make your own delightful soft books for babies and toddlers.

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Spotlight's Basic Quilting Guide

Are you struggling with some of the details of the quilting process? Not quite sure what all those bits and pieces are used for? To get a little more familiar with the essentials of quilting, please read through Spotlight's Basic Quilting Guide below.

What Fabric Or Pre-Cut Fabric Is Recommended For Quilting?

Quilting can be done with a variety of materials and fabrics, so beginners will be showered with a sea of choices. Of course, certain fabrics are more suitable for beginning quilters than others. Therefore, one of the most recommended quilting fabrics is 100% cotton fabric.

What Basic Supplies Do I Require For My First Quilt?

Before you can start quilting, there are a couple of supplies you will require. Below, we have described the main essentials, which you can also obtain from Spotlight.

The first thing you will require is your selection of fabric. You will require fabric for the front (quilt top) and the back (backing) of your quilt. A quilt consists of three layers, often referred to as the &ldquo,quilt sandwich&rdquo,. These layers are the quilt top, batting, and the backing.

Whether you do quilt by machine or by hand, you will require a selecting of needles for your quilting projects. We must mention that there are special sewing machine needles and manual needles for quilting projects, so it is often a good idea to start there.

Another useful accessory for your quilting project is a pair of patchwork scissors or embroidery scissors. There scissors are used to cut your thread. However, if you have a machine with an automatic thread cutter, you will not need an additional pair of scissors unless the automatic thread cutter fails.

When you quilt with a quilting machine, you will notice that there are several feet you can use for your quilting. However, the basic foot that is best for quilting is the quarter inch foot. With this type of foot, you can create a better seam allowance without the need for a marker.

Sometimes, you will need to straighten your fabric during the quilting process. Therefore, quilters will also require a dedicated quilting iron. While you could use a regular iron, a quilting iron is compact and easier to control. They also have a special shape, which enables quilters to get into the tightest corners and smoothen them out was required.

A selecting of quilting pins is another thing you must obtain for your first project. Dedicated quilting pins are easier to put through the fabric and can easily hold several layers of your fabric together. If the design of your quilt is rather delicate and precise, these pins could certainly prove useful.

What Is Quilt Batting And How Do I Use It?

Quilt batting is a term used for the material used for the middle layer of your quilt, more specifically the &ldquo,filling material&rdquo,. Much like the fabrics used for quilting, batting can come in a variety of fabric fibres.

Most quilters will use a medium-thick batting consisting of 100% polyester, this is also one of the most affordable options of batting. However, if you require added breathability for the batting of your quilt, you can also obtain batting made from 100% cotton.

Should I Choose Hand Quilting Or Machine Quilting?

For beginners, machine quilting can be a lot faster than hand quilting. That being said, some crafters are more proficient when they sew by hand than if they would sew with a sewing machine. Ask yourself which of the two you are most comfortable with, this will enable you to make the best decision.

Which Quilting Supplies Are Available At Spotlight?

Spotlight has a beautiful range of quilting supplies, this ranges from pre-cut fabrics and quilting machines to accessories such as quilting irons, pins, rulers, rotary cutters, scissors, and a whole lot more. So, many quilters can get all the supplies they need right here.

At Spotlight, you can also obtain supplies for other crafts. So, if your crafting abilities are not limited to quilting, check out the other sections of our catalogue too. From millinery to painting, you can get it all at Spotlight for a fantastic price. Check out our range today and benefit from our great discounts.



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