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Understanding Zippers And How To Implement Them!

While a zipper may seem like quite a straightforward fastening system, there are some things about zippers all crafters should know. Some zippers are more suitable for certain projects than others, which is one of the reasons why crafters should get a little more familiar with them.

Below, we have created an overview of important information about zippers as well as some of the things to consider when you use a zipper in your crafting project. Be sure to read on if you need more insight into the use of zippers!

What Is A Coil Zipper?

One of the types of zippers you can come across is the so-called coil zipper. The coil zipper is one of the most popular options out there, this due to its lightweight properties and somewhat inexpensive nature.

Coil zippers can be made from a variety of materials, this includes nylon and polyester. Because of the materials used in coil zippers, these zippers tend to be quite flexible too. Naturally, this makes them extremely suitable for applications such as jackets, handbags, and even pockets on a variety of garments.

What Is A Moulded Plastic Zipper?

The moulded plastic zipper is one of the most affordable zippers in existence today, this can be explained by the relatively low cost of plastic, which is used to create these zippers.

While moulded plastic zippers are more affordable than most zippers out there, they can be rather inflexible compared to coil zippers. They are also less durable than some other types of zippers out there. That being said, they are popular for children's clothing and tote handbags.

What Is A Metal Zipper?

The metal zipper is one of the most durable zippers in existence. Because of their durability, there are often used in more heavy-duty projects. It is used in hardwearing coats, duffle bags, and even leather clothing and shoes.

While metal zippers are incredibly strong, they can be somewhat heavy, this is something to consider when you use them in garments or accessories. If you decide to implement a metal zipper, always check the weight before you sew it in.

What Is An Invisible Zipper?

As the name suggests, invisible zippers are made to be invisible on garments. They are extremely popular for the back of dresses, since they enable dressmakers to keep their dress formal yet implement a convenient closing mechanism.

What Are Common Zipper Sizes I Can Encounter?

Zippers are available in sizes small to large. They usually have a number to indicate their size, this ranges from 1 to 10 depending on the country of origins.

Contrary to what you may think, the size of the zipper does not refer to the size of the fabric strip the teeth are set into. In fact, the size of the zipper refers to the size of the zipper teeth, this is measured from the outer edge to the edge of the teeth.

When you look at zipper sizes, it is important to remember that certain zipper sizes are more suitable for certain projects. For example, zippers between sizes 1 and 4 are best for handbags, cushions, and formal clothing, while large zippers between size 8 and 10 are best for industrial clothing and upholstery. Therefore, garment makers will usually stick to zippers between sizes 1 and 7.

How Do I Shorten A Zipper To Match The Size Of My Garment?

Since most zippers are coming in a standard size, it is not uncommon for crafters to shorten these zippers down to match the garments they are working on.

Coil and plastic zippers can easily be adjusted with some scissors. However, if you choose metal zippers, you may need a special pair of pliers to remove the teeth before you can shorten the zipper down.

Which Zippers Can I Obtain From Spotlight?

Spotlight provides a large variety of zippers for all kinds of projects. We have the popular coil zippers, metal zippers, and plastic zippers, so you can easily find something to match your requirements. Of course, we also provide our zippers in various sizes. Check out the collection today and discover the possibilities and the low prices available at Spotlight.



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