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Find The Perfect Zipper For Your Garment & Accessory Creations At Spotlight

Whether you are looking to repair a broken zipper on one of your favourite garments or looking for the perfect fastener for your creation, Spotlight has you covered. Our huge range of zippers includes metal zips, jacket zips and invisible zips are some of the most popular fasting methods used in clothing, crafts and soft furnishings. A well-executed zip insertion is key to ensure a professional finish on your projects, and at Spotlight you can find a specialty range of zippers for jeans, jackets, bags, dresses, formal wear and more. Choose from a massive variety of zip colours and zip lengths to find the perfect match for your creations. We even stock zips sold by the metre to suit projects where you need an extra-long zipper! Explore the range of zips and zippers online and in-store today.

Explore Different Types Of Zippers For Every Project

  • Dress Zippers: Despite the name, dress zips can be thought of as a "standard" zip used for a range of different apparel and craft purposes. Ranging in size from 12 cm in length to 56 cm, dress zippers come in a huge variety of colour options to perfectly match your chosen fabric.
  • Invisible Zippers: When correctly inserted, invisible zips are designed to become completely concealed within your garment's seams. Unlike other zips, the teeth sit on the back of the tape so they're not visible once done up.
  • Jacket Zippers & Open-Ended Zippers: Open-ended zips are designed to separate at the base, facilitating ease of fastening for jackets, coats and hoodies. You can find sturdy open-ended zippers for outerwear as well as open-end invisible zippers for formalwear.
  • Trouser & Jeans Zippers: Jean zippers and trouser zippers are typically sturdier in construction and feature metal teeth that will withstand frequent opening and closing.

Zippers FAQs

What do I need to sew a zipper?

The method of sewing a zipper into your garment or bag will depend on the type of zipper you're using. You'll need a specialised sewing machine zipper foot to accurately sew in a zip, as these machine feet are designed to accommodate the zipper teeth. Use a concealed zipper foot or invisible zipper foot for invisible zips, and a standard zipper foot for dress zips, jeans zips and jacket zips. At Spotlight we have a great range of sewing machine feet and other sewing machine parts and accessories for sewing zips, piping, buttons and so much more.

How to make a zip run smoothly?

From time to time you may find your zippers become a little stubborn to open or close. The solution is often to apply something to lubricate the zipper teeth and assist the slider to move up and down. Try a bar of soap and lightly rub into the zip's teeth. You can also try some graphite from a greylead pencil or some petroleum jelly - just make sure to carefully avoid the fabric surrounding the zip to prevent unwanted stains. Keep in mind that if the zipper teeth are broken or damaged then the zip will need to be replaced.

What length or size zipper do I need?

Most paper sewing patterns will indicate the zip length required to complete your project. If you're replacing an existing zipper, simply measure length from the top zipper stop to the bottom zipper stop. You can then purchase the closest length zipper to match the existing one. If the zip length you need is in between two sizes, opt for the longer length so you then shorten it to the correct size. Typically speaking you'll need a zipper that's 2 cm to 5 cm longer than the seam it is being sewn into, particularly for invisible zippers.

How to shorten a zipper?

Sometimes you'll need to shorten a zipper before sewing it into a seam. There are a couple of ways to do this.

  • To shorten zippers with plastic teeth: You'll need to create a new zipper stop at the bottom of the zipper. Simply mark where you want the zipper to stop and sew a bar tack either by hand or machine. Just make sure the zipper slider is positioned above the stop before sewing! You can then trim the zipper tape to size.
  • For zippers with metal teeth: You'll be creating a new zipper stop at the top of the zipper. Mark where you want the new stopper to sit, then use some pliers to carefully remove 2 cm or so of zipper teeth and the existing zipper stop. Then replace the zipper stop in the marked position using your pliers.

Shop Zippers For All Your Sewing Needs At Spotlight

Whether you're replacing a broken zip or finishing a one-off garment creation, Spotlight has every type of zipper you could need. Explore a great range of zipper colours and sizes for every project, available online and at your nearest Spotlight store. We have all your sewing and haberdashery needs covered, from sewing threads and buttons as well as sewing machines & overlockers, dress & apparel fabrics and so much more. Explore the complete sewing & fabrics range at your nearest Spotlight store, or make your purchases online to enjoy the convenience of home delivery. Get your next creation underway with our comprehensive range of FREE sewing projects online, or check out our Create blogs for all your crafting, sewing and baking inspiration at Spotlight!



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