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How To Organise Your Sewing Room?

Organising a sewing room requires a little bit of consideration, but it can be done quite easily with the right tips. Today, Spotlight provides you with some of the best tips to keep your sewing room organised and functional.

Where Should I Store Sewing Tools?

It is a good idea to keep your frequently used sewing tools on display - this may include fabric scissors, pins, markers, and pens. When you purchase lots of sewing supplies regularly, it is easy to keep track of the tools you have. So, you always want to keep them near your sewing table.

Naturally, not everyone has loads of room to display their frequently used tools on the sewing table. If you are encountering a lack of space, you can always consider using the wall above your sewing table. Use some conveniently placed hooks and organisers to keep your tools within arm's reach.

How Should I Store Fabric Patterns?

A lot of people discard fabric patterns they worked with, only to find they need it later. Others keep their fabric patterns, but encounter problems finding the right one quickly as their collection increases.

Even if you have a digital sewing machine, it is always a good idea to keep your patterns close at hand. A ring binder is perfect for this purpose, as you can store your patterns easily and even use some dividers to find your patterns a lot easier.

Crafters who store their paper patterns in their hobby room should always save a copy of their pattern, just in case it gets damaged or lost. You can scan in the pattern on your computer and save it on a removable thumb drive.

How Should I Store My Fabrics?

Once you sort out your sewing tools and your patterns, it is time to look at the most appropriate ways to store your fabric. Crafters tend to accumulate a lot of fabric over time - this goes to full rolls of fabric to smaller leftovers that gather dust in the sewing room.

Storing fabric is often the thing crafters struggle with the most, especially when there are lots of smaller fabric pieces. While it is tempting to put all of them in the same box and just forget about them, there are advantages to using a system for fabric storage.

If you have a huge amount of fabric, it can be a good idea to store according to colour. Avid quilters for example, can store their fabric pieces by colour, ignoring the respective patterns. By doing so, you have easy access to the colour combinations you use in your quilting projects.

Dressmakers may have a larger amount of fabric, and some of that may still be on the roll. If you have the space for it, you can leave the fabric on the roll and create a dedicated display case for it. If space is somewhat lacking, you can take the fabric of the roll and then fold it away.

Even with dressmaking fabrics, always make sure you organise according to colour or another kind of system. Once again, it will become easier to find the right fabrics for the job.

Do not want your fabric scraps laying around or having problems organising them? Why not take advantage of the storage boxes offered at Spotlight. Simply store fabric scraps in the same colour in the same box and label it accordingly. You can also stack several of these boxes to save some space.

How Do I Store Sewing Thread?

There are dedicated sewing thread storing solutions these days. You can even get a wooden stand with individual pins to put your thread spools on. It all depends on the amount of space you have available.

If you do not have the space for a large display with thread, you can always store your thread in dedicated boxes. You can sort them according to material or colour, depending on how much thread you have.

Those who have little thread laying around can also store it properly by using some glass jars, enabling them to see the thread easily and locate what they need. Of course, they can also choose smaller thread stands that can be placed on the sewing table or mounted on the wall.

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