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Discover Practical Curtain Lining Fabrics At Spotlight

Using curtain lining is the ideal way to add light blocking, thermal insulating or room-darkening properties to curtains. Whether you're creating your own DIY curtains or want to update your existing window furnishings, Spotlight has curtain lining fabrics in a range of widths and functions to suit any need! You can find blackout curtain lining, thermal curtain lining, triple weave or room darkening linings, and even uncoated curtain lining fabric for any project! Using lengths of curtain lining is also a simple and affordable way to create temporary window coverings if you're renovating or still sourcing the right window furnishings for your home.

What Are The Different Kinds Of Curtain Linings?

At Spotlight, you can find curtain linings in a range of different widths and functions. You can find blockout coated and thermal-coated curtain linings, as well as uncoated and room-darkening curtain linings. Choose room darkening and thermal-coated linings to add insulation and light blocking properties to your curtains. Blockout linings will add complete light blackout to your curtains. Uncoated linings are a great way to finish your curtains by hiding any seam panels on the reverse side, but don't need to block out much light from your windows.

Curtain Linings FAQs

How much curtain lining do I need for my curtains?

Broadly speaking, the amount of lining you need will be the same dimensions as your finished curtains. If you're making your own curtains with a separate lining, use our handy curtain fabric calculation project to work out how much you need for your DIY creation. If you are adding lining to ready-made curtains, measure the flattened width of the curtain panels to determine how much lining you need. You might need 2 or more drops (i.e. panels) of lining fabric to get the required width.

How to add lining to your curtains

Lining can be added to your curtains in a few different ways. You can stitch it in place underneath the folded header if making curtains from scratch, or when adding to ready-made curtains you can use velcro for a great no-sew option. You can also use lining heading tape with your curtain lining for a neat finish. With pencil pleat curtains, you can create a separate lining piece with lining tape, and use hooks to add it to the curtain header tape. This makes it easily removable so it can be laundered separately.

Which side of the curtain lining should face outwards?

If you look closely at blockout curtain lining or thermal curtain lining, you'll notice that there are two different sides. One has a woven texture, and the coated side has a smooth, slightly fuzzy surface. You can face the lining either way and it will function the same, but the recommendation is to face the woven side towards the window, with the coated side facing to the reverse side of the curtain. This is because you will prevent direct UV exposure breaking down the acrylic coating. The fuzzy-coated side can also be prone to collecting more dust due to its texture, so having it face towards the curtain fabric will help prevent this issue.

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Spotlight has everything you need to make your own curtains or alter your existing ones. Explore the range of curtain fabrics, where you can find blockout curtain fabrics, uncoated curtain fabrics, thermal curtain fabrics, sheer curtain fabrics and room-darkening curtain fabrics. We also have curtain heading tape so you can create pencil pleat curtains, eyelet curtains, pinch pleat curtains and more. Shop the range online and have your order home delivered, or pop into your local Spotlight store where our friendly team can help you find all your DIY curtain-making essentials. We have everything you need to DIY your curtains at a low price, our handy guides on how to measure your windows and how to hang curtains have all the information you need to transform your home with beautiful curtains. Check out our free curtain projects online, and make sure you sign up as a VIP for access to exclusive membership discounts and a whole host of great benefits!



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