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Bathroom Scales Buying Guide

There are countless bathroom scales you can purchase these days. As the population is getting more obsessed with their health, the right BMI is also part of this. Of course, as there are many bathroom scales to choose from, it can be difficult to determine which bathroom scale is right for you. To help you determine which bathroom scales is best, be sure to read through our buying guide.

What Are Body Fat Scales?

Body fat scales are considered as more advanced bathroom scales. Opposed to only providing you with your weight, this type of scale also calculates your body fat percentage. As you may imagine, this type of scale is perfect for anyone looking to lose weight.

When you weigh yourself on a body fat scale, the scale will send a small electric current around the body. The released current will move a lot slower through body fat than it does through muscle. In this manner, the scale can calculate more details such as body fat, muscle density, and body water percentage.

To get the best results, body fat scales often require you to enter your height and gender. With these measurements, the scales will provide you with a more accurate result. It is therefore important to enter the right measurements before you step on the scale.

As mentioned before, body fat scales use electrical current to provide additional statistics. Therefore, this kind of scales is not suitable for someone who has a pacemaker. The use of this scales is also not recommended for pregnant women or children younger than 10.

What Are Digital Scales?

This is the second most popular scales on the market today. Therefore, it is no surprise that these scales are available in many different designs and colours. You will also find them in various materials, ranging from wood and metal to glass and aluminium.

Much like the body fat scales, digital scales usually offer a bunch of additional features that can be interesting. One of the most common features you will encounter is the memory feature. With the memory feature, you can store your information on the scales for future use.

There are many advantages that come with digital scales. Firstly, these scales are incredibly easy to use. If you only want your scales for a quick weight reading, then these scales are a good buy. As these scales can also display decimals, they are usually quite accurate too.

Of course, we must mention that digital scales do not provide information such as body fat, body water percentage, or your overall BMI. Of course, some digital scales fall under the classification of body fat scales. So, if you cannot use a body fat scale for a medical reason, it is important to ensure you have a regular digital scale.

What Are Mechanical Scales?

These are some of the oldest, and according to some the most reliable scales in existence today. Some physicians prefer to use the mechanical scale over digital scales, as they are the simplest to use.

Mechanical scales are only meant to provide a weight measurement, so these scales do not come with some of the additional features you can expect with digital scales. On the flipside, these are some of the most affordable scales on the market today.

Most mechanical scales will provide a weight measurement in imperial and metric measurements simultaneously. The additional benefit is that these scales do not require a battery change, unlike digital scales and body fat scales.

One thing to take into consideration with mechanical scales is that they can be difficult to read for people with poor eyesight. The marking on the scale can be somewhat close to one another, so if you have poor eyesight, a digital scales might be the better option for you.

When you decide to use traditional mechanical scales, please do not forget that these scales need to be calibrated from time to time. Calibration is relatively easy, as the only thing you need to do is make sure the scale is set on the number zero before you weigh yourself. If the dial of the scales deviates from the number zero, you will not get an accurate reading.



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