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Create Beautiful Floral Decor With Wreaths & Artificial Garlands

At Spotlight, you can create and customise your own lush floral decor with our selection of artificial floral garlands and decorative foliage wreaths. Often associated with Christmas festivities, wreaths can also be a stylish and elegant way to elevate your home interior year-round! Discover wreath bases at Spotlight that are ideal for decorating with your favourite fresh or artificial blossoms. You can also find decorative artificial garlands of leaves, flowers and ivy that make stylish table decor at special events and celebrations. Whether you're decorating for a party or adding perennial greenery to your outdoor patio, Spotlight has you covered! Explore the range of wreaths and garlands online and in-store today at Spotlight.

Celebrate Flowers & Foliage With Easy-Care Artificial Garlands & Wreaths

Add a touch of nature to your decor without the fuss and hassle of maintaining fresh flowers or plants. With artificial floral or ivy garlands, you can enjoy lush greenery in your home all year round with minimal effort. Choose from Eucalyptus garlands and wreaths to create a refined style statement, or opt for colourful floral garlands and hanging bushes to add a splash of vibrancy to your decorating efforts. Discover wooden wreaths and wreath bases with artificial moss to provide a rustic element to your decor, or choose to adorn your artificial floral stems & sprays to highlight your interior colour palette.

Wreaths & Garlands FAQs

What does a wreath symbolise?

The decorative wreath dates back to Ancient Greece, where they were used to promote and celebrate productive crop harvests. The circular shape of wreaths is said to symbolise eternal and evergreen life. These days they're used in home interiors as part of special or seasonal occasions, or simply as a way of adding a minimal green accent to spaces all year round.

How to decorate a wreath?

If you're wanting to create your own wreath, then start with a plain wreath base like a wooden wreath. Select a variety of fresh or faux flowers and leaves - you can choose a variety of colours and textures for a vibrant style statement, or opt for a minimalist palette of foliage for a more modern look. Trim the stems of your chosen flowers and thread them into the wreath base, creating small clusters for a natural effect. Secure with glue, tape or wire from your selection of floristry supplies. For some great inspiration and techniques, you can check out our free online project sheets such as the native hanging wreath project, succulent wreath project and the mystical wreath project.

Where can I use garlands & wreaths in my home?

A leaf garland or floral garland is a great way to add decoration to bedheads, stair and balcony railings, buffet tables at parties or simply hanging in outdoor areas. Likewise, a wreath can be used as a centrepiece on your dining table, a festive door decoration or simply as a splash of colour on your coffee table. For extra festive or magical effect, try intertwining your wreaths and garlands with decorative string lights & fairy lights.

Shop Wreaths, Garlands & Floristry Supplies At Spotlight

No matter what your interior decorating style, you can elevate your decor with lush greenery or vibrant flowers from Spotlight's range of wreaths and garlands. Shop the complete range of artificial floristry & greenery online, where you can also find potted artificial plants, artificial flowers and essential floristry supplies for customising your own faux floral creations. Spotlight also has an inspiring range of FREE online faux floristry projects, complete with easy-to-follow instructions and downloadable project sheets. Find all your wreaths and garlands online with Spotlight, where you can shop the range at your local Spotlight store or purchase online and enjoy the convenience of home delivery. Don't forget to sign up as a Spotlight VIP for access to exclusive VIP discounts, advance sales notifications and more great benefits.



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