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Choosing The Perfect Water Bottle - Here's How You Do It!

Water bottles have become increasingly more popular over the past decade. After all, many people are seeing the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, which involves drinking plenty of water. But how do you choose the perfect water bottle from our range? Read on to find out!

Which Size Water Bottle Is The Right Size For Me?

Before you choose the size of your water bottle, it is important to determine what you will use it for. If you will use your water bottle for a full day at work or a serious hike, you might need a larger capacity than your gym water bottle.

Determining the size of a water bottle is also subject to your overall water consumption. Most people do very well with half a litre, while others need a full litre or more. So, how much water do you intend the drink? The answer to these questions will also help you narrow down the size.

Does The Shape Of The Water Bottle Matter?

While you may believe the shape of your water bottle matters little, the shape of your water bottle can be important for certain locations where you might use it. For example, someone who goes hiking needs a water bottle that is easy to hold and the pack, but also a bottle that can hold a serious amount of water. For the gym, you might need a water bottle with an unusual shape, so you can easily spot it in the sea of other water bottles in a location such as this.

Which Materials Are Used For Water Bottles?

There are a number of materials that can be used for water bottles. In fact, these materials are constantly evolving. Some manufacturers focus on affordability, while others focus on eco-friendliness. Nevertheless, these are the two most common materials that are used for water bottles.

Plastic water bottles - Despite the less eco-friendly nature of plastic water bottles, plastic is still the most used material. Of course, there are different types of plastic that can be used. Therefore, different kinds of plastic can provide different benefits.

While most kinds of plastic are relatively safe to use, there has been a recent investigation into plastic containing a specific chemical, more specifically BPA or bisphenol A. It has been shown that this kind of chemical can end up in the water and cause long-term health problems. So, if you are looking into plastic water bottles, this is a material to avoid.

Stainless steel water bottles - One of the safer materials for water bottles these days is stainless steel. Various manufacturers solely make water bottles from this material, so there are plenty of options to choose from.

One of the big benefits of stainless-steel water bottles is their natural insulation property. This kind of material will keep your cold drink cool for as long as possible but will also keep your warm drink warm. In other words, stainless steel water bottles have a functionality similar to a thermos.

What Kind Of Nozzle Should I Choose For A Water Bottle?

While you may not have thought about it, the nozzle of a water bottle is important. It is especially important for athletes who intend to take their water bottle to the gym. A water bottle that allows you to easily drink while working out is essential, this means that the nozzle must be more accessible at all times.

Of course, the nozzle of a water bottle can also be subject to personal preferences. It is possible that you use water bottles on a regular basis and prefer some nozzles over others. If this is the case, then it is always recommended to choose the nozzle that carries your personal preference, as you can make this decision out of experience.

Premium Yet Affordable Water Bottles At Spotlight

Spotlight has an elaborate range of water bottles, with the majority made from stainless steel. As mentioned earlier, stainless steel has countless advantages for consumers, so this is the material we like to focus on.

When you choose Spotlight, you can choose the best water bottle brands for the sharpest prices. So, be sure to check out the entire catalogue today!



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