Toilet Brush Holders

Are you guilty of tucking your toilet brush holder away behind a bin or the toilet itself? Choose one of Spotlight's toilet brushes and be proud to show off one of these lovely bathroom accessories.

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The ideal toilet brush holder to suit your bathroom

Having a clean toilet is vital if you value your health and the well-being of your bathroom, and here at Spotlight we want you to be able to display your toilet brush holder with pride! Explore our range of steel, marble, bamboo or ceramic toilet brush holders and choose from a dramatic black toilet brush holder or more neutral colours to suit your home decor needs. They can all be paired with other bathroom accessories to create a cohesive bathroom style.

How to keep your toilet (and the brush!) clean

No one likes cleaning the toilet, but it's one of those things that just needs to be done. Once you have purchased one of our toilet brushes, all you need is your choice of cleaning disinfectant and you are ready to go! Check out the steps below for a sparkling clean toilet:

  1. Lift up the toilet seat and squirt your toilet disinfectant all around the rim, letting it dribble down the bowl. Scrub the bowl with your toilet brush, spreading the liquid all around as you go, then set aside the brush and leave the disinfectant to work for a few minutes.
  2. While the disinfectant is doing its thing, clean around the tank, hinges, all the parts of the toilet seat and the base as well. Remember to lift up the lid and spray both sides of the seat, as this area can be a key source of nasty smells and germs.
  3. Grab your brush from the toilet brush holder again and give the toilet bowl a second scrub, focusing on key areas like underneath the rim and down into the u-bend. When finished, flush the toilet and use the fresh water to clean off the toilet brush.
  4. Run the brush under boiling water if necessary, shake off excess water and put it back in its holder.

What Else Can I Find in the Range at Spotlight?

  • Toilet roll holders: Rather than keeping your toilet rolls in the plastic wrap they come in and struggling to pull one out each time, store them on one of our stylish toilet roll holders! We have ones to match our range of ceramic toilet brush holders and black toilet brush holders, or you can just choose the design that fits your bathroom best.
  • Contour Mats: Contour mats are curved to fit underneath your toilet or sink and are a great way to keep your toes warm in the bathroom. You can wash them just like any other bath mat.
  • Bathroom Bins: Keep your bathroom clean and tidy with one of our bathroom bins. Having a bin in your bathroom means that waste like old shampoo bottles, used makeup wipes, cotton buds and empty toilet rolls will be disposed of, rather than being left on your vanity or cistern. Because who's going to walk all the way to the kitchen to chuck out their rubbish?
  • Bath Towels: wrap yourself in one of our comfy bath towels, which come in a huge variety of colours, styles and materials.
  • Bathroom Storage: Love buying bits and pieces for your bathroom but are running out of places to put them? Our bathroom storage solutions will help keep your bathroom tidy and your products in one piece.
  • Kids Bathroom: make bathtime fun with our extensive range of kids towels, loofas and gloves. Our kid's bathroom accessories are bright, colourful and will get even the fussiest child keen for a clean.

Find the Right Toilet Brush Holder at Spotlight

Check out our entire range of toilet brush holders online or visit us in-store today to view your choices in person.



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