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Find popular crafting supplies such as pom poms, pipe cleaners & craft feathers at Spotlight! Discover our basic crafting supplies online or in-store.

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Create The Ultimate Craft Kit With Pom Poms, Chenille Sticks & Feathers

When it comes to basic craft supplies there's nothing more versatile than a selection of colourful pom poms, pipe cleaners and craft feathers. Perfect for a huge range of projects, these popular items are ideal for crafting with kids as they develop their fine motor skills. At Spotlight you can find pom poms in a variety of colours and shapes, as well as chenilles (also known as pipe cleaners) in a range of different finishes like metallics and animal prints. Explore craft feathers to add gorgeous colour and texture to collages and paintings, dream catchers, costumes and more. Shop the range of basic craft supplies with Spotlight and let your creativity soar!

Pom Poms, Chenilles & Feathers FAQs

Why are pom poms, chenille sticks & feathers good for craft kits?

Whether you favour floaty feathers, fluffy chenilles or fuzzy pom poms, these are some of the most fundamental craft supplies you can add to your creative stash. They're versatile, easy to work with and add instant colour to any project. Better still, their size and malleability make them ideal for little hands. Kids will love using these materials, and using craft basics that offer instant results is a great way to establish a love of art and craft from a young age.

How to craft with chenilles, pom poms or feathers

With a few craft kit essentials, you can utilise pom poms, chenille sticks and feathers in any way you choose! These versatile materials can be glued, taped or sewn to your chosen base. Better still, chenille sticks often don't require any adhesives at all - simply twist to create shapes, or fold, twist and bend to join one or more together. With these simple supplies, you can let your imagination lead the way in creating colourful and richly textured craft creations!

What projects can I make with pom poms, feathers & chenille sticks?

When it comes to crafting with feathers, chenilles or pom poms you can make just about anything! Make cute little critters with pom poms and googly eyes, create costume headpieces with chenille sticks or craft striking jewellery pieces with feathers. Let creativity be your guide! Explore Spotlight's FREE kids' craft projects online for inspiration, and discover simple school holiday activities that will appeal to all ages and skill levels!

Shop Chenille Sticks, Pom Poms, Feathers & Crafting Basics At Spotlight

Explore pom poms, chenille sticks and feathers from Spotlight and start creating just about anything you desire! Create the ultimate craft kit with basic craft supplies from Spotlight. Discover craft glues & adhesives, craft felt, craft foam, craft glitter and more. Elevate your creations made from pipe cleaners, feathers and pom pom garlands with the right craft supplies! Shop the range online today, where you can enjoy the convenience of home delivery for your online purchases. Alternatively, make your purchases at your local Spotlight store, where our friendly and creative team members can help you find all the essential supplies to bring your artistic vision to life! Explore our range of FREE online projects to inspire your next creation, and make sure you check out our informative Create blogs for wonderful on-trend DIY tips and tricks.



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