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Display Your Favourite Plants With Stylish Planters & Plant Pots At Spotlight

Faux plants and living plants alike can be elevated into a true style statement with the right plant pots and planter stands. At Spotlight we have a massive selection of plant pots, planter stands and hanging planters to contain your favourite floral decor. Explore large plant pots, white pots, clay pots, rattan plant stands, bamboo plant stands and more in the range. Discover textured ceramic pots in every colour and size to create the perfect home for your artificial plants from Spotlight. Our planter tables include decorative mosaic tabletops to provide a colourful backdrop for displaying plants and vases of flowers, while our planter stands integrate rich natural textures with designs that will elevate any fresh or faux greenery. Explore the complete range of planters & plant pots online and in-store today at Spotlight.

Planters & Plant Pots FAQs

Why is choosing the right plant pot or planter so important?

If you're planting seeds, seedlings or fresh indoor plants, then choosing the right container is undoubtedly about maintaining the health of your plants. Unsuitable plant pots could prevent your plant from growing or could even cause oversaturation after watering your plants. A quality decorative plant pot can also enhance the beauty of your living or artificial plant, as well as your home interior. Choosing complementary colours and textures for your decor can help you create a unique style statement inside your home.

What is the right size plant pot or planter stand?

As a general rule of thumb, the size of the pot should be about the same as the size of the plant. Of course, there are some exceptions, particularly if you are growing indoor plants - it's wise to select a container that's a little larger to provide room for them to flourish. For decorative faux plants and flowers, choose a container that visually balances the height and width of your greenery.

How to style plants with plant pots and planter stands?

When it comes to creating a display of your favourite plants - fresh or artificial - it's important to arrange them to maximise their visual impact. Utilise your indoor plants to add colour and texture to room corners or bookcases, and consider grouping them together to create a greenery corner. Arrange plants by height to make sure they're all visible, and utilise planter stands, planter tables and colourful plant pots to create additional visual impact to your display. You can find more great tips and tricks for displaying your plant pots and plants with our styling a room with faux greenery & artificial plants article.

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Take your faux greenery displays to the next level with stylish planters, planter stands, plant pots and hanging planters from Spotlight. We have everything you need to elevate your home decor with lush plants and flowers in our floristry & greenery range - explore artificial plants, artificial flowers, wreaths & garlands, terrarium-making supplies and more. Shop the complete selection online and enjoy the convenience of home delivery for your order, or head into your local Spotlight store to make your purchases. You can find wonderful decorating and styling tips for your home with our Decorate blogs as well! Spotlight VIPs also enjoy exclusive benefits like VIP sale prices and advance sales notifications. Make sure you sign up for free today to take advantage!



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