Plus Size Clothing Patterns

Are you tired of altering standard clothing patterns to fit your body? Or do you want to feel more comfortable in the clothes you make for yourself? If so, be sure to take advantage of our plus size clothing patterns! Spotlight provides a range of plus sized clothing patterns for both men and women. Check out the pattern range to find some amazing jackets, tops, dresses and even historical costumes. We are sure you will find a great project to tackle next!

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Can I purchase plus size clothing patterns at Spotlight?

Yes, you can. If you love making your own clothing, or have trouble finding stylish and comfortable clothing to suit your size, height or body shape in the shops, then take a look at these wonderful plus-size clothing patterns here at Spotlight. With these easy-to-use patterns, you can create your own stunning clothing in a range of sizes. Patterns include garments for men and women and also cover a range of maternity wear outfits.

What kind of patterns are included in the plus size clothing pattern range?

This range includes patterns for both men and women and covers items such as tops, pants, skirts, sleepwear, dresses, jackets and much more. You will also find maternity patterns here as well as pa

Are plus size clothing patterns easy to use?

Like all clothing patterns, you will find some garments easier to make than others. If you are a beginner, it is best to start with a relatively simple pattern that does not contain too many separate pieces or has tricky components such as zips or pockets. When buying plus size clothing patterns at Spotlight, you can view the front of the pattern which shows the main garment and any possible variations (such as long sleeves or a different length to a skirt of pants), and you can also see an image of the back of the pattern, which provides you with the most important information such as sizes, amount of fabric needed, haberdashery and extras required.

What size pattern is suitable for me?

Before you decide which size pattern to buy, you need to measure yourself or the person you will be making the clothes for. Commercial patterns are sized quite differently to ready-to-wear clothes, and pattern sizes can vary between companies too, so if you are buying a pattern from a different company make sure you check your measurements again.

Choose skirt and pant pattern size according to your hip measurement, and top and dress pattern size according to your bust measurement or chest measurement. Don't worry too much about garment length at this stage - this is normally easily adjusted.

Once you have chosen your pattern, have a look at the finished garment measurements printed on the pattern envelope back. Compare them to your own measurements or the measurements you have taken from your favourite clothes. These will help you decide which size pattern to cut out.

What else should I consider when choosing plus size patterns?

Among the information on the back of the pattern envelope, there will be a list of suitable fabrics - this is important! Patterns are designed for particular types of fabric - weights, drape, weave, thickness, and stretch are all important - so it is essential to choose an appropriate fabric for the pattern in order to get a good result. Patterns designed for light to mid-weight woven cottons are a great place to start when you are first starting out. The pattern envelope back also has information about the extra things that you'll need in order to make the garment, like thread, buttons, elastic, zips, trim, etc.



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