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If you love handbags and believe that you can never have too many, then make your own and have a different bag every day of the week without breaking the bank. From handbags for everyday use to something fancy to hold your bits and bobs on a special occasion, we have the bag pattern for you at Spotlight. Shop the range now for fabulous deals on patterns for totes, purses, and bags of all shapes and sizes.

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How To Make Your Own Bag? Start Your Own Handbags With The Bag Patterns At Spotlight!

Have you always wanted to create your handbag, but not quite sure how to start? Why not take advantage of our range of handbag patterns? At Spotlight, customers can obtain handbag patterns for all types of handbags with different designs. So, you are bound to find what you are looking for.

Is this the first time you are creating your own handbag? If so, be sure to read the tips provided by the Spotlight team below to master your handbag designs in no time!

What Do I Need To Know Before I Start Creating My Own Handbags?

Creating your own handbags will require some degree of skill. Even though Spotlight provides patterns for all skill levels, knowing the basics before using your first pattern could certainly contribute to the success of a project.

Crafters who have experience with sewing and leatherworking will find it easier to start creating their own handbags, since they know how to work with certain fabrics and materials. If you are not that experience with leatherworking, be sure to choose a pattern with a regular fabric instead to start on your first handbags.

There are some essentials you will be required to do during the creation of your first handbag - this includes how to sew zippers into a bag. That being said, there are some patterns that do not include a zipper. So, if you have never done any zipper sewing before, be sure to check out some of those patterns at Spotlight.

While some skills can contribute to a better finish for your handbag, it does not mean that absolute beginners cannot take advantage of our bag patterns. As we mentioned earlier, Spotlight provides patterns for lower skill levels, so you can still get started on your first handbag despite a lack of skills and experience.

How Do I Make My Handbags Unique?

At Spotlight, you will find a bunch of patterns you can design your handbags after, but that does not mean you cannot make them more original. The choice of fabrics, the colour, and even some of the detailing you use on your own handbag design can make the handbag stand out from all the rest.

Which Material Is Best For My First Handbag?

It may be tempting to purchase the most expensive material for your first handbag, because you want to make it look amazing after all. However, if you have never designed a handbag before, it is often better to use a more affordable synthetic material.

There are numerous synthetic materials you could choose for your first handbag. Synthetic materials tend to more affordable than materials such as genuine leather or pure cotton, so they can be the best options for your first handbag, since you are more likely to make a mistake.

What Additional Tips Should I Consider When Making My Handbags?

When you are creating a handbag, you want to make sure your handbag can stand the test of time. Durability is key when creating an accessory such as a handbag, so you should certainly include additional techniques such as interfacing, lining, and additional stitching.

Interfacing is a specific type of fabric that can be used to add strength to your creation. If your handbag appears to lack in the strength department, interfacing can help to stiffen the fabric and add more structure.

There are certain parts of the handbag that could benefit greatly from some interfacing - this includes the handles of your handbag. You can also add interfacing to the interior of your bag, giving it the ability to hold heavier items without problems.

Want to avoid premature wear and tear on your handbags? If so, using backstitching will add a lot more strength to your bag. So, if you tend to carry a lot of items in your handbag, backstitching can certainly add to the overall lifespan of your handbag.

Do you have a question about one of our handbag patterns? Or are you looking for some specific handbag fabrics and materials for your first creation and struggling to find the right options? Get in touch with our friendly team of sales representatives by telephone or email. You can also get some info by stopping by at one of our stores.



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