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Whether you are looking for a simple shift for everyday wear or a dress that oozes glamour, be the belle of the ball with our fabulous dress patterns at Spotlight. Explore our extensive collection online, including patterns from all the best names in the business. With patterns for the beginner as well as those for the seasoned seamstress, dress to impress and shop dress patterns at Spotlight.

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How To Make Your Own Dress? Learn With The Sewing Patterns At Spotlight!

Have you always dreamed about making your own dress, but lacked the knowledge in the past? You can always start now, especially when you have a full range of dress sewing patterns to choose at Spotlight! In our collection, you can find dress patterns for absolute beginners, but experienced crafters will find something to their liking too.

Not quite sure how to get started? Before you select your dress pattern from our extensive catalogue, why not read through our dress-making guide for beginners below?

What Fabric Should I Choose For Dress Making?

The beauty about making your own dress is that you can use most types of fabrics. From silk to cotton, any type of fabric is a possibility when it comes to creating your dream dress. Of course, when you are just starting out, there are some fabrics that can be easier to work with. So, we certainly recommend some of the easier fabrics for beginners.

One type of fabric that can be useful for beginners is a natural cotton or a cotton blend. Fortunately, cotton is also a popular material, which means you can find cotton fabrics with lots of different colours, patterns, and textures to create the look and feel you want.

While it may be tempting to make that silk dress you have always dreamed of, always remember that silk and heavier fabrics are the hardest to work with. If you do not have the experience or knowledge for these materials yet, it is best to do some projects with a cotton blend first.

Do I Need To Prepare Fabric Before I Start Sewing My Dress?

Many crafters who are starting their first dressmaking project are unsure about fabric preparation. Fact of the matter is that your fabric will have to be prepared before you start sewing it. Remember, fabrics can shrink after their first wash, so it is better to get this process out of the way before you start sewing.

Washing fabric before you start the sewing process is referred to as preshrinking fabric. Simply wash you fabric on a gentle cycle - this will remove any unwanted dye and give the fabric its "final size". Once the fabric is dry, please make sure you iron the fabric (if the material allows it). Ironing your fabric will remove any unwanted wrinkles before sewing.

How Do I Select A Dress Pattern For My Skill Level?

Crafters who have never created their own garments before might not want to start with dressmaking, as this is one of the more complicated garments to make. That being said, if you have made other clothes in the past, it may be time to move onto the world of dresses!

One of the most important things to consider when making a dress is your own personal taste. Most dresses are a little more complicated to make, so most people will base their decision on the style and design they like. Of course, there are certain patterns that are easier than others, so check out our easier patterns if this is your first dress.

How Do I Sew My Dress?

If you have purchased one of the dress patterns available at Spotlight, the instructions and guidelines on how to make your dress are included in the pattern. So, you only have to follow the instructions in terms of how to cut and sew your dress.

For the more experienced dressmakers, do not forget that patterns can vary according to the brand. For example, some patterns will require you to lay the fabric flat, while others will require you to fold it in half. So, even if you have lots of experience in dressmaking, you still have to refer to the instructions on the pattern.

What Dress Patterns Are Available At Spotlight?

Spotlight has one of the most extensive collections of dress patterns, ranging from bridalwear and formalwear to cocktail and daily dresses. Our collection ensures that every crafter can find a dress pattern they like, and most importantly, a dress they want to wear! For more information about our dress patterns and the available options, please refer to the online catalogue at Spotlight!



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