Shibori Bedspread Project



  • Tulip tie dye kit
  • PVC Pipe
  • Twine
  • Scissors
  • Plastic sheet
  • Plastic gloves
  • Cotton bedspread


Step 1 - Before you start tie dyeing, make sure to wash your fabric item to remove the sizing. Then grab your damp fabric directly from the washer and prep it for dyeing. Fold, twist and bind your fabric according to your chosen tie-dye technique. We chose Shibori which is known as the pole-wrapping technique. Start by wrapping the corner of the bedspread around a plastic PVC pipe.

Step 2 - Once the fabric is wrapped, tie a piece of twine into a double knot at the base of the pipe.

Step 3 - Wrap the twine or elastic bands included in the kit around the bedspread. After 6-7 wraps around the pipe, scrunch the fabric down. Give the twine a strong tug to tighten. Tightening before scrunching will make it more difficult to control and move the fabric.

Step 4 - Continue wrapping, scrunching and tightening until all the fabric is compacted. Tie a knot above the fabric.

Step 5 - Once your fabric is secured, it's time to mix your Tulip dyes! Simply add water and shake the dye bottles until all of the dye is mixed. Lay out large plastic sheet to protect the surface you are working on and put on the plastic gloves.

Step 6 - Squeeze dye onto different sections of your bound fabric to your liking. You might need to rotate and/or flip your fabric on the pole as you are applying dye to make sure you cover all sections.

Step 7 - Cover your tie dyed fabric in plastic to keep damp while the dye sets. Let it set for 6 to 8 hours or longer for brightest colours. Follow the tie-dye instructions included in your kit for laundering.

Step 8 - Repeat the same process for your pillow cases.



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