Derivan Paint Pouring Artwork Project




Set up your working area:

Mix Paint and Pouring Mediums:

Pre-mix your paint and pouring medium in your mixing cups using 1/2 Tablespoon of colour to 1/2 Cup of medium as a general guide. Make smaller or larger batches, adjusting the ratio as necessary. The more paint that is added, the more opaque the finished result will be. The more medium that is added, the more transparent it will end up, once dry. Mix slowly to avoid air bubbles. If making custom colours, pre-mix your paints first, then mix with the pouring medium.

TIP: Try pouring the medium without any colour added, to encourage transparent areas of colour on your work

Pouring Technique:

  • Start pouring one of your paint colours onto the canvas surface.
  • Pool the colour in one area or create a pattern by randomly swirling the colour around the canvas.
  • Select another colour and do the same, allowing it to pour, mix and mingle with the first poured colour.
  • Continue pouring additional colours as desired.
  • You will immediately see the colours interact. As you pour additional colours, you can manipulate the colour interactions by either tilting the canvas slightly to pool colour in certain areas or by gently drawing a paint knife through the colours to swirl them together.

Dirty pour:

  • Fill a cup with the left over paint mixtures. White on the top and on the bottom layer will allow other colours to sit in between.
  • Place a canvas board over the cup and swiftly tip the cup upside down so it is sealed upside down on the canvas board.
  • Lift the cup off the board and watch the paint release and move over the canvas.
  • Tilt the board to help paint move to the edges. Note that your canvas will not be perfectly level so you may need to add Popsticks to stop movement in one direction.

Allow to dry:

The paint colours will continue to mix, mingle & change while drying. Allow a minimum of 24 hours to dry or 48 hours for thicker pours of colours.

Your artwork is now ready for display!



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