Liquitex Basics Acrylic Modern Garden Project

Level: Intermediate

Time to make:

Approximately 6 to 8 hours.

What You'll Need:

Liquitex Basics Acrylic Paint

  • Deep Violet
  • Light Blue Violet
  • Phthalo Green
  • Unbleached Titanium
  • Light Pink
  • Rose Pink
  • Titanium White
  • Burnt Sienna
  • Turquoise Blue
  • Brilliant Blue
  • Brilliant Yellow Green

Brushes in a range of sizes as preferred. This project uses Jasart Round Size 12, 4 or 6 (for details), Short Flat Size 12

Reeves Tear off palettes

Jasart Studio Thin Edge Canvas 24 x 36 inch (914 X 609mm)



In creating this artwork play with balancing shapes, size of flower/leaf and paint different types of leaves. There is no right or wrong… Enjoy creating your own unique garden pattern in this palette.

Step 1 - Colours: Phthalo Green & Deep Violet

Mix to create a deep blue purple. Apply over the entire work loosely to create a background colour.

Step 2 - Colours: Burnt Sienna

Block colour shapes in background to break up the colour background.

Step 3 - Colours: Turquoise Blue

Paint in a leaf shape on the bottom right corner.

Step 4 - Colours: Turquoise Blue

Paint leaves in a group on the top left corner. Create heart shapes for the leaves.

Step 5 - Colours: Brilliant Yellow Green, Light Pink, Brilliant Blue

Scatter leaf shapes in a balanced way. A grouping of 3 leaves, a grouping of 2 leaves.

Step 6 - Colours: Phthalo Green and a touch of white

Paint leaves in, again balancing the way they are scattered.

Step 7 - Colours: Burnt Sienna and Unbleached Titanium

Paint in smaller leaves - fern like as shown. Paint a rock shape at bottom right.

Step 8 - Colours: Light Blue Violet

Paint Iris shapes in. Do this by creating heart shapes for each petal, joining 3 petals together.

Step 9 - Colours: Deep Violet, Rose Pink, Titanium White

Create a dahlia like flower shape. Paint the entire flower in deep violet. Then add tinted versions of the deep violet to create lighter petals. Add petals in layers, getting lighter towards the centre

Step 10 - This blue grey mix is created adding a little burnt sienna to more light blue violet and softened as required by adding unbleached titanium. Add blue grey leaves.

Step 11 - To add details to the flowers use: Light Blue Violet, Deep Violet, Titanium White. To add details to the leaves use: Phthalo Green, Brilliant Yellow Green, Unbleached Titanium.

Step 12 - Colours: Deep Violet, Phthalo Green, Rose Pink

Add line work of deep violet to the grey leaves. Add line work of dark green (mix phthalo green with a touch of rose pink) to the light green leaf.

Step 13 - Colours: Deep Violet, Light Pink, Rose Pink, Titanium White

Paint in cyclamen flowers above the heart-shaped leaves.

Step 14 - Colours: Same dark green mix as Step 12

Paint in line detail to the pale green leaves.

Step 15 - Colours: Burnt Sienna

Paint in the darker rock above the light rock (bottom right).

Step 16 - Colours: Phthalo Green, Unbleached Titanium, Light Pink

Mix a softer warm green by mixing phthalo green & unbleached titanium. Soften with light pink if needed. Paint in leaves on the rock. Paint in leaves. Mix light blue violet with a touch of phthalo green and paint in leaves on left side.

Step 17 - Colours: Brilliant Yellow Green, Unbleached Titanium, Light Pink

Mix a softer warm green by mixing brilliant yellow green & unbleached titanium. If you want it less bright add a little light pink. Paint in leaves on bottom right & top middle.

Step 18 - Colours: Unbleached Titanium, Brilliant Blue

Add flowers as loose shapes on the rock at bottom right. Paint in light leaves on top and right side with unbleached titanium.

Step 19 - Colours: Light Blue Violet, Unbleached Titanium, Burnt Sienna

Mix a touch of burnt sienna with light blue violet. Soften with unbleached titanium to make a blue grey. Use to carve out a rock shape in the back of the leaves on the left. If you leave some of the background unpainted this will create the look of dark leaves against the rock.

Step 20 - Colours: Brilliant Blue

Paint the details in the blue iris flowers. These can be curved lines and elongated heart shapes.

Step 21 - Colours: Unbleached Titanium, Light Pink, Deep Violet

Paint in the orchid shape with unbleached titanium. Add centre details with the pink and violet. Lastly, add vein details in the petals with deep violet.

Step 22 - Colours: Light Pink, Rose Pink, Deep Violet, Titanium White, Brilliant Yellow Green

Paint in orchid shapes in various pinks. Lighten the Deep Violet with white for bottom petals. Connect flowers with a stem using brilliant yellow green.

Step 23 - Colours: Brilliant Yellow Green, Phthalo Green, Brilliant Blue

Create bright greens for the curved triangular leaves at the bottom left.

Step 24 - Colours: Brilliant Blue, Light Blue Violet

Block in shadow leaf shapes behind the pink orchid and also tucked in behind the purple daisy-like flowers.

Step 25 - Colours: Burnt Sienna, Light Blue Violet, White

Create various purple grey and earth brown for rocks in background.

Step 26 - Colours: Light Blue Violet, Brilliant Blue, Deep Violet

Create simple blue flowers shapes, adding deep violet dots to the centre.

Step 27 - Colours: Light Pink, Deep Violet

Create simple flower shape in light pink, dot centres with deep violet.

Step 28 - Colours: Deep Violet, Titanium White, Phthalo Green, Brilliant Yellow Green, Rose Pink

Paint in an additional cyclamen if desired at top right side of painting.



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