Abstract Painting Project



  • Canvas
  • Acrylic paints, it's easier to stick to 4 main colours to work with
  • A few medium and large paint brushes
  • 2 x water glasses (1 for cleaning brushes and 1 for using on the painting to blend paints)


Step 1 - Start by prepping your canvas, using either gesso or a pale colour such as blush pink paint your entire canvas. It doesn't need to be solid paint colours but just a light coat to start building your painting on top of.

Step 2 - Then working with your colourful paints, paint on a few larger colourful patches, using the large paint brush.

Step 3 - Then add some white and paler hues around these colourful patches.

Step 4 - Work around the canvas to allow the paint to dry in some areas while you work on another spot. This will allow the paint to layer on top of each other. Allow some of the colour to peek through the lighter layers.

Step 5 - In some areas apply the white paint while the coloured paints are still wet, this will allow the paint to blend in with the other colours adding more depth.

Step 6 - Use the clean water to help the paints blend more and also create some splatter effects. You can also mix the paint with lots of water to create large drip marks too.

Step 7 - Continue making horizontal and vertical brush strokes with the different colours until you are happy with the composition. There is no right or wrong with an abstract painting such as this, so experiment as much as you like!



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