Level: Intermediate



Step 1 - Carefully remove the large sinamay plate from the head band. Lay it on a piece of paper and use the black spray paint to spray it black. Allow to dry before flipping it and spraying the other side. Repeat until the sinamay is a solid black colour.

Step 2 - Carefully remove the paper base black from the headband. Place headband on the model head form and reposition the base onto the head band where you want it to sit. Use a needle and black thread to secure it back onto the headband.

Step 3 - You can now start assembling the fascinator. Secure the feathers to the large sinamay plate either using a hot glue gun or a needle and thread.

Step 4 - Attach one row of feathers followed by some tulle, cut a piece of black tulle and randomly gather it to create a nice wave shape.

Step 5 - Repeat steps 3 and 4 until you are happy with the look of your fascinator. Lastly add the pheasant feathers in a prominent spot so they can be seen clearly.

Step 6 - Connect the two bases together, sandwiching the feathers and tulle in between them, hiding any of the messy bits.

Step 7 - To finish, play with the pleated sinamay to create a wave across the front of the face and under the fascinator base. Attach with a needle and thread.



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